Why is creativity and innovation needed in running a business?

In the business world, why creativity and innovation are needed in running a business? Because basically, the main key to developing a business is creativity. Without it, a business will only run in place or even tend to have the opportunity to go out of business.

In addition, innovation is also necessary in running a business so that the business you develop does not sink and always has a place in the hearts of consumers. However, of course, to be able to get ideas of creation and innovation, you must continue to study and learn until you find the point of opportunity in your business.

The benefits of creativity and innovation while running a business

Many benefits you will get from creativity and innovation in running a business. Both the benefits in terms of commercial, as well as the application of knowledge. Here’s the full explanation:

1. Maintaining Business Existence

When you run a business, you must be able to bring your own brand to be easily recognized by consumers. However, if the products you offer in the market tend to be boring without an innovation, then over time your product will lose its existence.

By innovating with high creativity, of course your product will develop and continue to make breakthroughs. This will certainly maintain the existence of your business, even able to make the business more rapidly.

2. Attract Consumers

In the business world, market tastes always change with the Times and also trends that are popular. If you do not have innovative thinking and creative ideas, then your business will not be able to compete at all.

That is why creativity and innovation are needed in running a business. What’s more, consumers tend to have a consumptive nature and purchasing power that is easily bored. If you can match the tastes of consumers with your creative ideas, then your business is guaranteed to survive at any time.

3. Become a weapon to defeat competitors

Did you know? All business people, both small and large businesses with various types of businesses, are always looking for ideas creativity and innovation in running a business them.

These business people are hungry for change and development so that the business they manage becomes king in the market. In fact, not infrequently companies and business people who are willing to issue budget bigger to do a product innovation.

Not without reason, this is because innovation and creativity are the sharpest main weapons to beat their business competitors.

So, do not expect you can grow your business without doing a breakthrough that is an attack on your business competitors.

4. Creating a new market with more potential

Currently, in Indonesia there has been a phenomenon where market trends and consumer tastes tend to be in a state of unstable ups and downs. This is because, business people often test the latest innovations on the products they market.

This trial, is part of the promotion strategy after making a new breakthrough to the existing market. However, not many trials of this business innovation have actually become a trend in the market and even form a new market with more varied consumers.

To create this potential new market is why creativity and innovation are needed in running a business. If you manage to master the new market, then your business will definitely be flooded with consumers.

5. Forming A Business Identity

When you succeed in making various creative breakthroughs and innovations, of course the products you market will begin to be known by the wider community. Once the product becomes popular, then by itself consumers and the public will know where the product comes from.

This is what will then form a product identity and its own characteristics that become the selling point of the product.

In fact, with this identity, other products of the same type as the products you offer, will be superior to your product even though the materials and manufacturing processes are relatively the same.

How to develop creativity and innovation in business

After knowing why creativity and innovation are needed in running a business, you must be curious how the hell the way so that creative ideas can appear. Check out the following explanation:

1. High motivation to develop

The first thing that is the basis for the development of creativity and innovation in running a business is to always instill motivation in you to always develop.

Without a strong motivation, you will only be able to dream without being able to make it happen. In addition, you also have to dare to get out of your comfort zone in order to find new opportunities that have more potential for the development of your business.

2. Never Be Afraid To Start Something New

In general, business people tend to look for business opportunities only based on market trends so that the chances of products being sold in the market are much higher. In fact, you can develop market trends if you have the courage to start new things.

From here, you should be able to think more critically and develop new ideas and ideas based on market trends.

When you succeed in doing so, you will be the king of the new market trends that you create from your innovation.

3. Always learn from experience

Experience is the most valuable thing in life. This experience will make people learn, develop, and introspect themselves about what is wrong with the development of the business that entrepreneurs run.

This is the basis why creativity and innovation are needed in running a business.

Because, if you do not want to learn from experience, the main obstacle of business development that you will face is the lack of innovation and creativity in the face of business competition.

4. Open Minded, Willing To Accept Criticism

If you cannot open your mindset wider and only hold firmly to the idea of thinking that you think is right, it will lead to stupidity.

You must be able to open your mind to then accept the thoughts and ideas of others. So, it will appear brainstorming it is within you to make changes and innovations.

In addition, you must also be willing to accept criticism from others, and make the criticism as a means of introspection and motivation for the development of your business.

5. Dare To Take Risks

The last way to develop potential creativity and innovation in running a business, that is, you must dare to take risks from the changes and innovations that you will make.

When you find creativity in business, and you develop it into an innovation, then the chances of success are 50: 50. So, you must dare to take risks based on the comparison of success.

Some discussion about why creativity and innovation are needed in running a business. In essence, creativity and innovation are the most important things and you must have so that the business you run becomes king in the market.

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