What Telkomsel Poin Internet Quota Is For, Here’s The Info!


What Telkomsel Poin Internet Quota Is For, Here's The Info!

What is Telkomsel Poin internet quota for-Telkomsel is one of the premieres that is widely used by people in Indonesia, especially for internet services. Telkomsel has been proven to provide internet quota services with a stable and good network, so many people subscribe.

In addition, telkomsel also provides service points that are very profitable for users, one of which is this internet quota. Can this point be used for anything? Find the answer in the further explanation of what Telkomsel Poin internet quota is for, below.

Understanding Telkomsel Internet Quota

Points are a system of services that can be obtained when making certain transactions. For example, when refilling a certain amount of credit, users will get points in a predetermined amount. Later these points can be exchanged to make phone calls, sms, or internet quota. This service point system is not only used by telkomsel, many other premieres also apply this system.

What Is Telkomsel Poin Internet Quota For, Here's The Info

It’s just that the terms and conditions that apply to each premiere vary. Then about this internet quota, as the name implies, it is a point that can be used for online or internet. To be able to get this type of points, customers must purchase a predetermined internet package. So you will get an additional quota for free from the internet points.

What Is Poin Telkomsel Internet Quota For?

Poin internet quota from telkomsel can of course be used for various online activities in general. It’s just that the terms and conditions that apply must be met first. One of them is, the user must have a main internet quota. If you do not have this, then the existing internet quota cannot be used. Regarding the number of main quotas that must be owned, there is no minimum limit. Then for the active period is also different, depending on what kind of internet quota is obtained. In general, this internet point is only valid for a short time, so it needs to be used immediately before it expires.

How to get Poin internet quota in Telkomsel

To get this internet quota, you need to make the requested transaction. Whether it’s buying credit, certain internet packages, and others. Later, there will be two types of internet points that can be obtained, the first type in the form of direct internet quota and the second from exchanging points via the MyTelkomsel application. For the direct internet quota type, as the name implies, it can be used immediately as long as it has an active main quota.

As for the type of point exchange, customers must make an exchange first. The way is as follows,

  • First, make sure that you already have a sufficient number of points to exchange
  • Second, make sure you still have pre-paid credit that is still active
  • Third, open dan lin in the MyTelkomsel app
  • Fourth, open the points menu, find the required Internet product menu, then click the Redeem button
  • Continue the next step to finish
  • After doing all the steps above, there will be an sms notification from Telkomsel at number 777, indicating the point redemption process “success” or “failure”.

If the steps taken are correct, the terms and conditions have also been met. Then the point redemption process should definitely succeed. Well, that was a brief explanation of what Telkomsel Poin internet quota is for. Hopefully it can be useful and so first review this time.

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