What is the ideal Instagram feed content Pixel Size?

What is the ideal Instagram feed pixel size?

Before you share photos and videos on your account, first learn the ideal Instagram feed size here.

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What is an Instagram Feed?

Screen feed the Instagram app is a list that contains all the content you have shared with other Instagram users. The content can be in the form of original photos, edited photos, Photo Collection albums, or short videos.

Feed function on Instagram application

The average content in Instagram is in the form of photos and videos, so it has a different function than other social media applications. As long as you don’t delete the content you shared, feed on Instagram application will not disappear. Therefore, the most important function of feed are as follows:

  • Introduce your account to other users who tag or comment on your posts.
  • Promote brand the product you sell, if you advertise your business through Instagram.
  • Help you follow trend whatever is popular on the internet via posts on Instagram.
  • See which users are interested in the content you share.
  • Share and get useful information to other Instagram users.
  • Train skill create creative content according to the needs of the digital market.
  • Share customer testimonials with the target market of the business.
  • Looking for content inspiration digital marketing for specific business promotion of competitor accounts.
  • Tools to earn extra income from Instagram.

Of course, the activities you do in this application require some important planning. One form of planning that is set size feed Instagram in your photos and videos. The purpose, so file the photos or videos you share aren’t broken, blurry, or partially cut.

Types of Instagram Feed sizes

In this section, you will learn about the different types Instagram size feed that you can apply. If there is content, whether photos, videos, or reels whose ratio or pixels are not in accordance with the provisions, it will be cut and blurred. Here are the types of pixel sizes feed what you need to know:

1. Photos

This is the content that most people share on this app, although the average photo on Instagram tends to have a lot of edits. If there are other users who mark your account on their photo posts, a notification will appear on feed you.

Below are the ratio and resolution settings suitable for size feed Instagram photos:

  • Square / Square: ratio (1:1), Resolution 1080④1080 pixels

photos 1080 x 1080

  • Vertical / Portrait ratio (4:5), Resolution 1080❸1350 pixels

photos 1080 x 1350

  • Horizontal / Landscape: ratio (1: 91: 1), Resolution 1080 ❸ 608 pixels

photos 1080 x 680

In order to maintain the neatness of the photos you want to upload, you should just adjust the pixel size of your photo. For example, if your favorite photo has a ratio (4:5) with a resolution of 1080-1350 pixels, then other photos should also use this setting.

2. Video

While there are some other apps that are more capable of sharing videos, Instagram still offers video creation and sharing options for you. Settings size feed Instagram for videos it is more or less the same as the settings for photos, with the following slight differences:

  • Square / Square: ratio (1:1), Resolution 1080④1080 pixels
  • Vertical / Portrait: ratio (4:5), Resolution 1080④1350 pixels
  • Horizontal / Landscape: ratio (16: 9), resolution 1080④608 pixels

The best pixel size for your video is Portrait with a ratio (4:5) or Landscape with a ratio (16: 9). The goal is to prevent the video from being cut when you upload it to this app.

3. Reels

Reels content is the latest feature on the Instagram application, which is a short video creation menu similar to TikTok. This type of content requires size feed Instagram it’s different than regular photos and videos.

Note the settings feed for the following Reels:

  • Content ratio: (9:16)
  • Content resolution: 1080-1920 or 1080-1350 pixels

reels 1080 x 1920

reels 1080 x 1350

Although you can choose the second option for Reels and Stories, you should choose the first option, which is 1080 ④ 1920 pixels. The goal is to provide a fitting and clear display when displayed on the screen smartphone You are also encouraged to adhere to safe Editing limits when inserting stickers or emojis into photos.

4. Carousel

Maybe you are the first time using Instagram will wonder, what is the Carousel feature? This is an option to upload and share more than one piece of content at a time. The limit of the most content you can share via Carousel is 10 photos.

The size ratio and resolution of the content in this Carousel option will follow the first content you put into the Carousel. For example, you upload the first photo that has a ratio (1:1) with a resolution of 1080 ❸ 1080 pixels. The second, third, and so on photos will also adjust their size with these settings.

How To Set Instagram Feed Size

After reading about the type Instagram size feed in the previous section, it’s time to read How to set the pixels on the screen. Fortunately, there are some examples of apps that you can use to resize your photos or videos, such as the following:

  • First, download an application to edit images and videos, for example Adobe Photoshop, Instasize, or Snapseed.
  • Then, you open the app and select the option to upload your photo or video to start setting the pixels.
  • Once the photo is in the application, set the ratio and resolution of the photo according to the rules Instagram feed size.
  • If you use other features to decorate the photo, make sure that the decoration is not cut by the pixel settings of the photo.
  • When finished, save the photo you have edited by clicking the “Save ” option.
  • Please upload the photo or video on your Instagram account.

Remember about the ratio and resolution comparison that is suitable for each of your content, so as not to click the wrong one. For those who don’t understand the meaning of ratio and resolution, read a little information below:

  • Photo ratio is an arrangement of the height and width markers of a photo, either in vertical or horizontal mode. Ratios use size comparisons in the form (X: Y) to represent numbers. The X symbol represents the width of a photograph, while the Y symbol represents the height of the photograph.
  • Photo resolution is the number of pixels in a photo or video. High or low pixel resolution in a photo or video has a big effect on the quality of the content. Just like the ratio of photos using the symbol (X:Y), the resolution also uses that ratio.

Do You Know How To Set The Instagram Feed Size?

And that’s a detailed discussion of what it is feed on this Instagram application, along with how to set size feed Instagram.

Because not all photos and images can use the same pixel size, you should be good at managing the settings in the application.

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