What is Search Intent, important in SEO?


In creating SEO article content, in addition to paying attention to the volume of keywords, we also need to pay attention to search intent. The reason is simple, so that the article can get the first rank in the SERP. By paying attention to search intent, we can create and optimize whether the content we create can answer user needs. If we have provided content that can answer user needs, then it is not impossible that we can get ranked in the SERP.

What Is Search Intent?

Search intent is the purpose or intent of the user in searching for keywords in search engines. When users search for something in a search engine, surely they have a purpose and purpose, although keyword which is used almost the same.

For example, if a user wants to search for information on Google, for example to find out how to research keywords. Then it is likely that the user will type like this “how to do keyword research” or “how to do keyword research”.

It is different if the user wants to buy something, for example, buying a new mobile phone. Definitely the keyword that the user when is “sell mobile phone X” or” sell mobile phone B”

Understanding search intent is very important in SEO. Why? Because one of Google’s goals is to provide relevant search results to users related to the query they are looking for. If the keywords used do not provide appropriate results, then Google will not automatically rank the article content.

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Types of search Intent

Currently, there are several types of search intents that classify various keywords according to their intended use.

1. Informational

This type is the most sought after. An informational intent is a keyword that users use to search for specific information or topics. For example,” understanding SEO“,” How to SEO optimization ” is included in the type of keywords that have informational intent.

2. Transactional

This one Intent leads to the user’s desire to buy or make a transaction. Here the user already knows what they want to buy, usually the keywords used will be specific.

For example, the keyword “sell mobile phone X” or “Buy Mobile Phone X”.

3. Navigational

Navigational Intent is a type of intent for navigation. The point is that the user uses this keyword to visit the website, but does not know the official domain.

For example, users want to visit the DOTNEXT site, then they can type “dotnext” or “dotnextdigital” on the search engine page. Then Google will display the results of the DOTNEXT site and the user will be directed to it.

4. Commercial Investigation

Not much different from transactional, but in commercial investigation users already know what they want to buy and make decisions before buying something. For example, by looking for reviews related to the goods they want to buy.

Some keywords that include commercial investigation include:

– Mobile 3 jutan terbaik

– Review Mobile X

Tips For Optimizing Search Intent

Now you know the meaning and types of search intent. Furthermore, you also need to know how to optimize it.

The first step is of course you need to identify the search intent in the search engine. The method is not difficult, you just need to check the content on the first page of the SERP and then you can make them as a reference. See what are the topics they raise in their content.

Second, to make it easier for you to identify the type of search intent, try to pay attention to the keyword modifier that is generally used for each keyword.

search intent from ahrefs

That’s the discussion about search intent, hopefully after understanding this, more and more of your content can get ranked in search engines.

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