What Is Pagination? Get To Know The Meaning Here!


Pagination, is probably a foreign term to you. Every day you must open various websites, such as websites that contain news and articles. In the structure of the website that you open, there must be pages that contain every content.

The function of the page, of course, is used to set the website in order, for the creation of the page has its own term or designation, namely pagination. Pagination, generally used for websites that are active in adding content every day.

What is pagination? For more details, we will discuss pagination in more detail below. You can listen to this review to the end.

Before discussing pagination more deeply, you should know the definition of pagination. Pagination is a technique of numbering website pages, which is done sequentially. The number on the page, usually located at the top or bottom of the website page.

The presence of pages on each website can certainly make the user experience simpler. The audience will be more comfortable when it comes to navigating and distributing products on the website.

For example, like an e-commerce site that has hundreds of product catalogs with various different categories, of course, all these products cannot be found easily, if they are only placed on one page.

By utilizing pagination, of course, product placement becomes more structured.

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In the case of pagination, the company must know in advance, how the design technique to SEO. Does pagination have a positive effect or does it have a negative impact on SEO? Here is the explanation.

1. Content Not Detected By Search Engines

The effect of pagination on SEO is, the content on the website that is likely not detected by search engines. Since, sites have huge amounts of data, search engine bots certainly use crawling budgets wisely.

So, they have to choose a schedule and what kind of content to crawl. So, it is possible that some of the site’s content will not be crawled or indexed by search engines.

2. Duplicate and thin content

Duplicate content is content that has unsut SEO and similar topics, so Google will only judge one content and not ignore the other content. Thin content is content that provides little value to the user.

To avoid this, of course, by creating quality content and SEO. In addition, developers can also help by positioning important types of content on the main page.

3. Weak website Ranking signals

Generally, if a site with high authority links to a company’s website, the website will also have high authority. But, if the company’s website uses pagination, the authority will be shared to the rest of the website pages.

So, search engines will be difficult to get ranking signals against the company’s website. The solution is, backlinks must be considered content placement.

Although it has some influence that is not good in terms of SEO. Pagination remains a design that certainly has many benefits for websites. To be more clear about what the benefits are, here are the details:

  • The navigation process becomes easier and simpler.
  • The website has a neat structure and pages.
  • Shorter pages compared to others, have a better value for SEO.
  • Page reload time becomes short.
  • Engagement and awareness of content is on the rise.
  • Product sales will increase.

There are several stages to implement pagination properly and correctly. The following are the details of how to implement it:

1. Create relevant and unique content

Google search engine bots, will collect content from different website pages and choose content that is considered “canonical” so, it must be ensured that the site page has relevant and unique content for the audience.

2. Use appropriate keywords

A website needs to use the right keywords in the anchor text. So, use variations of the same keyword to avoid cannibalization of the keyword. This is where web pages compete against each other to use the same keywords.

That’s a review of pagination, hopefully the reviews above can help you in understanding the meaning, influence, benefits and more.

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