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UTM Tracking-Google Analytics is one of the analysis tools that have been worldwide, and is widely used to analyze a website. However, Google Analytics categorizes non-Google ads as social traffic or referral traffic.

You can’t tell if the traffic is coming from an ad or not. To find out where the traffic is coming from, you can use the help of UTM tracking. What is UTM tracking? You can find out more about UTM tracking by reading the following review to the end.

What is UTM Tracking?

UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module, this UTM works by giving special parameters to the URL. UTM tracking has a function to find out from anywhere the arrival of website traffic. For pembuatanya quite easy, even for those of you who do not have any coding knowledge at all you can do it.

You just need to modify the URL. When a website that has been completed by UTM tracking, then the UTM will be automatically recorded in the analytics application. Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics, so far can read utm code very well.

Types of UTM Tracking codes

After you know the definition of UTM tracking, you also have to know the type of UTM tracking code to make it easier for you to use it:

1. Campaign

As the name implies, this utm code is usually used to conduct ongoing promotional campaigns. For example, if the address of your utm code is utm_campaign=50percentcode, it means that the link contains a 50 percent discount promotion.

2. Source

This utm Parameter informs about where the traffic source comes from. For Instagram, you want to share a post to Instagram then utm code you use utm_source=Instagram.

3. Medium

This type of utm code serves to determine the medium or media used by the audience when clicking on the link you spread. The Medium such as social media, email, ads and others. For example UTM code like utm_medium=email.

4. Content

This type of Utm, has a function to find out the results of different types of campaigns in the same URL, or when you do A/B testing. For example, if you want to create the first banner with a text, and the second banner with a logo.

So, to differentiate the two, you can create them with the code utm_content=textlink and utm_content=logolink.

5. Term

Term is a type of utm code used to indicate keywords in paid ads such as Pay Per Click or PPC. For example, if you do paid ads with the keyword “digital marketing” then you can create utm codes such as utm_term=digital+marketing.

You can use a combination of the UTM code above, to perform utm tracking according to your needs. The more UTM code you use, the more specific the results you will get.

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How to use UTM Tracking

Once you know about the definition and different types of UTM parameters. Next, you can start knowing how to use UTM tracking. The following are the stages:

1. Visit Google’s Campaign URL Builder

On the page, you can find various parameters, which can later become additional code to insert in the URL link.

2. Fill In The Paramenter Field As Needed

Next, you can fill in each of the parameters such as URL website, source, medium and Impact name. If, you want to track performance on paid ads, you can fill in the temd and content section fields, so that you get additional UTM codes.

3. Link can be used

If you have filled in all the parameter fields, the link has been created and can be used. However, the link is still long. You can change it to be more concise, by clicking the ‘Convert URL to Short Link’button

4. Analyze with Google Analytics

If you want to analyze how the link is performing, it usually takes about 3-5 days to gather all the information optimally. You can do the analysis by accessing directly on the Google dashboard.

The trick is to select menu Acquisition>Campaigns> All Campaigns, and you should you should check periodically, in order to measure performance.

That’s a review of UTM tracking, hopefully the review is useful for you to understand more about what UTM code is.

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