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Robots txt is – when it comes to website optimization, robots.txt is a file that users must pay attention to. Because, robot.txt is a portal that makes search engines to access the content on your site. Do not let the important content on your website, it is not indexed and does not appear in the seach engine.

Of course, for those of you who manage the website certainly do not want this. So, it is important that you learn it, how to use and more. This is the right article for you. Because, this article will discuss about.

What Is A Robot.txt?

Before going into further explanation, you must first know the definition. Robots.txt is a code or file used to give instructions to search engine bots. Instructions to search engine bots. The instructions are usually to run the web crawlingusing the spider. In order, the site URL contained in the bid is indexed.

If your website is not indexed by search engines then the website does not appear on the Google search engine page. Robots.txt can also specify web crawling software (which user agent_ can browse a website.

Difference Robots.txt and SEO

When viewed from the understanding, SEO and robots.txt is two different things. SEO is the process by which a content can appear on the top page in search engines. Meanwhile robots.txt is a code in the form of text, which serves as an instruction to the search engine bot.

If you look at the difference, it looks like a robot.txt has a close relationship to support SEO of a content on the website.

Robot Functions.txt

After knowing the important function of SEO, then to maximize the SEO component is certainly very helpful for the website to survive. There is no SEO or robots.txt, then the function of the website will not work optimally. There is no optimal use of SEO and robots.txt can certainly cause your website to be weak to market products.

Reasons To Need A Robot.txt

After reading the definition, you should already know why robots.txt is important. Actually, on a newly built website does not really need it. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it at all. By using it, then you can get several benefits for your website, namely such as:

  • Prevent crawling of duplicate content
  • Lighten the server
  • To ensure parts of the wevsite site are fully private, to perform tests and settings
  • Prevent images or videos from appearing in Google search results in the “All”category

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How To Set The Robot.WordPress txt

For you WordPress users, you can manage the file by manually uploading the specified file. There is another way that you can do that is by using the SEO plugin that you are currently using. How do you manage your files manually? Here’s how:

Create Robot Files.txt

You can create a file and then save the robot.txt first, How like.

Upload files to the Hosting Server

Once you have created it, you must enter the file via FTP Cpanel or you can also through the hosting admin. To try whether it has been successful or not, you can do testing by typing the name of your domain/robots.txt.

The Google Search Console

The thing that should not be forgotten is to include a sitemap and also robots.your txt to Google Search Console, so that readability on your website is easier.

Set The Robot.txt via Yoast SEO Plugin

Furthermore, you can set it up through the Yoast plugin, if you don’t already have the plugin, you should install it first.

  • Install the Yoast SEO Plugin WordPress.
  • Press SEO-Tools, then several options will appear.
  • Click File Editor.
  • Then you will be directed to create the file, then you can set it according to your needs.

How To Set The Robot.txt to Blogspot

If you use blogspot, you can follow how to do the following settings on Blogspot:

  • Go to blog settings.
  • Click search preferences, then search for customs robot txt.
  • If so, click enable and then select yes.
  • Next, you just enter the settings of the robot file.txt.

Talk about the robot.txt. Hopefully the above review can be useful for you, in understanding it further.

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