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Start up is – the term start up is certainly familiar to your ears. In general, the definition of a start – up is a company that has just been pioneered . In this increasingly sophisticated world of Information Technology, almost anyone can create a start-up.

Currently, there are many start-up companies in Indonesia that make the development of start-ups better. But what exactly is a start-up? In this review we will discuss more about start up.

You can read the following article, so you know about start up.

Start Up Is

Start up is a term that refers to a company or startup business. Start-ups are newly operating companies and masin is in the development phase, to develop products and find markets.

Currently, start – ups can be further narrowed down to startups whose business is based in the field of technology. A company, can be said to be a start-up if it has the following three factors, namely founders, funders, and also products and services.

Within the scope of startups, startups that are considered successful are usually divided into three categories, namely unicorns, decacorns, and hectacorns.

Why Is It Called Startup?

There are several ways to determine whether a company is a startup or not. Because, usually startups have their own characteristics, which are as follows.

Innovative and disruptive

The main characteristics of a startup are innovative and disruptive. Innovative means renewal, and disruptive means changing an existing system. If a company has an ordinary product or service, then the company is not a startup.

Startup companies must certainly be able to provide new and different solutions than before, so that innovation is in line with market needs, startups must certainly see from the perspective of consumers.

There is a Website and Go Mobile

With the internet, many businesses are turning to online, while for startups using technology to develop the business. So, since the beginning of the startup company has been in the online world.

For a startup, a website is a must. So, website it is not a formality, but it plays an important role. These roles include branding, consumer education, promotion and a place to sell products or services.

There Are Investors

Investors play an important role in the growth of startups. Investors have a role to give an initial capital injection when building a startup business, expansion and development. Because, usually startups start from a good idea, but not infrequently those who have limited funds.

However, an investor will not give money for free. There is definitely a profit that investors want.

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Running An Incubator Program

This Program, has a goal to help the development of startups in the early stages. This incubator Program, usually consists of training, mentoring to funding. With this program, a startup can learn how to manage and grow its business.

Because, not infrequently startups that have good innovation, but weak in terms of management. This coaching, usually done until the startup business is considered stable, and then ready to be managed independently.

High Flexibility

Startup companies have a consumer orientation, so startups often adjust internal workings. For example, a minimalist organizational structure, operational systems, updating market research, remote work systems, fast paced and others.

In fact, startups will also not hesitate to rebranding if it is necessary.

Rapid business growth

Because the startup has the previous factors, of course, make the startup can berkempang rapidly. This development aims to transform startups into technology-based companies. When a startup can monopolize an industry, it can be called a company.

For more details, a startup can be said to have become a company when the startup meets the following requirements:

  • The age of the startup company is more than 3 years
  • Acquisitions from larger companies
  • Has many branch offices
  • Have more than 80 employees
  • Have a board of Directors of more than 5 people
  • Its revenue value is more than 20 billion dollars per year
  • Or for example there is a company owner who sells his personal shares

Talk about startups. Hopefully the review can help you to understand the meaning of start up further.

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