Sitemap is: definition, types, functions and more

Sitemap – Google is one of the most preferred search engines, with a website is certainly very important for those of you who have a business or just create a personal blog. As time went on, the size and complexity of the site increased, so Google developed a new protocol.

The protocol, designed to use XML or XML Sitemap format. What exactly is a site map? What is its importance and what are its types?

For those of you who are asking about all that, then the following article is the right answer for you. You can read the following article to the end, in order to know more about the site map.

The Sitemap Is

What is sitemap? Sitemap is a page or file that contains all the link information on a website. The information, usually in the form of category, page, post, image, to tag, all the information is listed on the site map page.

The reason it stores all of that information in a single site map file is to help crawlers find all of the pages in one place, as opposed to finding them through internal links. With sitemap data, search engines will more easily map websites.

Is Sitemap Important?

Sitemap has an important role to SEP. Search engine bots find pages through internal links. So, there is a high probability that important pages can be left out during the crawling process if the internal links are less precise.

No company or a blogger wants a page that contains important content, left alone without being indexed. So, to avoid these risks, it’s good to have an XML site map, because it contains all the URLs of the Websites to be crawled.

Types Of Sitemap

Sitemap itself has four main types, namely:

  • Normal XML Sitemap: this type of XML site map, is the most common type. Usually in the form of an XML sitemap that links to various pages on the website.
  • Video Sitemap: this Site map, usually used specifically to help Google to understand the video content on a website page.
  • News Sitemap: this Sitemap helps Google to find content on sites approved for Google News.
  • Image Sitemap: Image site map will help Google to find all the images hosted on your site.

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Sitemap function for Website

Every website owner and manager, of course, must complete their website with a site map. Especially, if the website has a lot of content and updates frequently. The other functions of the site map, namely:

Make it easy for the audience to navigate

All content will be shown on one page, so the level of visits and readability of the page will increase. In addition, visitors also become easier to find out what content is contained in the website.

In essence, it does not cause confusion for users, because the website is user friendly.

Increase The Level Of Visibility

The purpose of visibility here is the level of visibility of a website in search engines. This, of course, is very important, so that the website can get more visits while increasing traffic.

Help organize the content structure on the Website

Sitemap has a role as a tool to observe the structure of the website and also the content in it. In addition, with the right link scheme, when an error occurs, it becomes easier to identify and correct.

Reinforce The Direction Of The Website

Sitemap has a function as a guardian of the relationship or relevance of the website. Especially on pridadi blog or news website, which has a lot of content. Through the Site map anchor text containing clickable links on each content will continue to grow.

This will enrich the internal links between pages. Because, if you successfully implement a relevant internal link strategy, it can certainly make the website stronger in search engines.

Speed Up The Index Process

Not always the content on the website is quickly indexed by search engines. Therefore the website manager can create a site map that contains all the content, to avoid the duration indexed by search engines.

This step will certainly make crawlers easier and faster to run the process of indexing website pages, especially if the website has tens to hundreds of content, if not equipped with a site map, of course the index process is more difficult.

So many reviews about the understanding of sitemap, the reason for its importance, to its function for the website. Hopefully the above review is useful for you to understand the site map more deeply.

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