Schema Markup is: definition, importance, and types

Schema Markup – currently, to optimize your website to appear more superior in search engines, of course, more diverse. One such way, is to use the markup scheme.

Although just a code that is not so complicated, the markup scheme can certainly bring more traffic, besides that you can also increase CTR (click through rate). To be clearer about the markup scheme. You can read the following article to the end.

What Is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is code that is usually installed or pasted on the website, which can help search engines find more informative results on the website. So, in essence this markup scheme is a code.

The code, usually used with the aim that the website can display brief information. Schema markup lets search engines know what the data means, not just read it.

Importance of Schema Markup for SEO

Quoting from Ahrefs, schema markup is important for SEO, because it can make rich snippets appear better. Rich snippets itself, has been proven to increase CTR or click through rate and invite more traffic to a website.

Basically, schema markup can be done for rich snippets because it is able to make search engines understand the context of your content better. That way, users can find websites with relevant content.

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Types Of Schema Markup

Schema markup has several different types, for a more detailed explanation of the various markup schemes, the following is a further explanation:

1. Organization Schema Markup

This type of markup scheme, surely you are familiar. When you are looking for a well-known company or brand, generally the search results will show results about the core and important information about the company you are looking for.

In this markup scheme, it usually contains the company name, location, contact information, and also official social media.

2. Schema Person Markup

Schema person markup, is a markup scheme that is usually displayed on the right side of the search engine page. When you search for someone famous, then you will find important information regarding that famous figure.

The information usually contains the name, date of birth, education and a brief description of what his achievements so far.

3. Schema Local Business Markup

This type of markup scheme is a type of scheme that is very important for a company or business. By maximizing the use of this markup scheme, consumers and prospective customers can easily find information about company locations, branches, phone numbers and more.

In fact, consumers can also find out the rating and also the operating hours, even consumers can also ask about all information about the company or brand there is a place to ask.

4. Schema Product & amp; Offer Markup

This markup scheme, is a commonly used thing, usually to sell goods and services. The information displayed on this scheme, usually about the price and stock availability of the product, and there is also a brief description of the product offered.

5. Breadcrumbs Markup

This Markup is a link that shows the page Trace, which is traversed to reach the current page. So, that way the site visitor can clearly know where he came from and now where. This, it turns out, can reduce the bounce rate quite significantly.

6. Schema Article Markup

For this type of markup scheme, it usually displays news articles that are most relevant to what the user is looking for. Generally, article markup schemes are used by news sites as well as blogs.

Usually the information displayed on this markup scheme is a photo or video, the title of the news, which site published it, and the time of publication of the article.

7. Schema Video Markup

If a site contains a video that you want to display, then use the video markup scheme. That way, search engines can display a markup scheme that contains a video thumbnail, duration and description of the video.

8. Recipe Markup

This type of markup is usually used by sites that contain cooking methods. This scheme is special because there is specific information about how long it takes to cook and what is the amount of calories.

9. Event Schema Markup

This type of markup usually shows complete information about an event. Events that take place such as webinars, concerts, festivals and others. In addition you can also see the date, location, and also the ticket price of the event

So many reviews about schema markup, hopefully the article above can be useful for you in understanding what schema markup is.

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