Proton Drive: The Best Free Google Drive Alternatives

The Best Google Drive Alternatives

Here are the best free Google Drive alternatives. Proton Drive is a free open source end-to-end encrypted vault that you can use to store your files online.

Not only does it store files online, but it also keeps them completely safe and secure. It was launched as a Beta in 2020 but Proton has now made it available to everyone.

What Is Proton Drive?

Proton Drive is a free Google Drive alternative and is better in terms of security due to its strong end-to-end encryption model.

The only people who can access this are those to whom you have given a link or password so that you remain in full control of your data.

Proton’s servers are located in Switzerland. Your Data is protected by Swiss privacy laws known as one of the strongest in the world.

In addition, Proton’s services are completely open-source which means you can check and verify the source code at any time.

Proton Drive is currently available as a Web as well as an Android app. The developers have plans to soon launch a desktop client with full synchronization capabilities.

The free Proton Drive service provides 1 Gb of storage capacity with end-to-end encryption and basic file sharing features.

You’ll need to subscribe to a plan to add up to 3 Tb of storage, unlimited file sharing features, and more.

Proton Drive Features

  • Customize safes: You can choose your preferred layout and theme (including Dark mode) to make it look good.
  • Encrypted file search: Proton Drive lets you search for encrypted files using a new encrypted search technology.
  • Password protect files and folders: In addition to encryption, you can also protect your files and folders using a password after you share them. Only the person who knows the password can decrypt and access it.
  • Time-limited shared links: Sharing files and folders using links is limited by the time duration you can specify. After the expiration of the time period, it is inaccessible to anyone.

How To Use Proton Drive

  1. Go to Proton Drive website from here and create a free account and choose a theme that you like.
  2. To create a new folder, right-click anywhere in the empty space and select “Create new folder”. Alternatively, you can click on the first icon in the toolbar at the top to create a folder.
  3. To upload a file / folder, right click in the free space area and select one of the two options and upload from your PC. Alternatively, you can also drag your files / folders from your PC to upload them to Proton Drive.
  4. To change the layout (list view or grid view), click the “Change layout” button on the far right of the toolbar.
  5. To share a file / folder, right-click on it and select “Get Link”, click the “Copy Link” button and share it with others. For added security, you can click on “Privacy Settings” and password protect the link and set an expiration date for the link.
  6. To view the files / folders you have shared, you can click on the “Shared” link in the left sidebar.
  7. To stop sharing a file / folder that has been shared, right-click on its name, click “Manage Link”, click “Privacy Settings” to expand it, then click “Stop Sharing”.
  8. To download a file/folder from Proton Drive, right click on the file and select the “Download”option.
  9. You can search for any file/folder using the “Search drive” option at the top of the page. When you try to use it for the first time, Proton Drive takes a while to index your files and folders and activate the search feature.

That’s the best Google Drive alternative called Proton Drive. I hope this article was helpful to you! Thank you for visiting.

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