Pop Up Is: Understanding, Function Until How To Make It


Pop ups are-surely you’ve seen pop ups, whether you realize it or not that what you’re seeing is a pop-up. In English, pop – up means to appear. In accordance with the meaning of pop-ups are usually in the form of information that appears when you are accessing the website or when you use a mobile phone or smartphone.

So it can be said that pop-ups have a very important use, especially to provide information to its users.

But, do you know the real meaning of pop-ups, and what is the function of pop ups? To find out more, we will discuss about pop-ups in the following article. You can read the following review to the end to find out.

The Pop Up Is

What is pop up? A Pop up is a small window that usually appears with certain information, on a device. Usually pop-ups appear on mobile phones, laptops, computers, applications, websites and others.

An example of a pop-up is for example you right-click on your laptop or computer desktop, and then a small window appears, which is a pop-up. Or when you’re opening the website, pops up a small window containing information about the discount offered, it’s also part of the pop-up.

Pop Up Function

After knowing the meaning of pop-ups, then you also have to know about the function of pop-ups. What are its functions? Here is a further explanation.

One of the simple pop-up functions, is to display a menu. For example, when you do a right click on your laptop or mouse device. Then, a pop-up menu will appear.

You can then manage those files, and select them according to your needs.

2. Delivering Notifications

The next pop-up function is to deliver notifications from your device’s system, as well as from applications on your phone. With the pop-up, it will usually provide information about new incoming messages, the download process has been completed, and others.

Usually a pop-up notification comes in, there is a button to perform further actions, for example, a button to reply to a message.

3. Giving A Warning

The next pop-up function on your device is to give a warning, even the warning given can be a bad warning. One example is when you want to open an application, then a pop-up appears containing information about the application can not be opened because the application can not respond.

4. As A Promotional Media

In addition to being used to convey important information, pop-ups can also be used as a means of promoting a product or service on a website or application. For example, when you open a website then you will see a pop-up that appears accompanied by a promotion or discount offered.

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How to pop up and create a Pop Up

After knowing about the pop-up function, you certainly want to know how to create pop ups especially for your business. Pop-ups can increase your sales.

How to pop up on WhatsApp

Here’s how to get a pop – up on WhatsApp:

  1. Open The WhatsApp Application.
  2. Press the three dots menu at the top right, then select settings.
  3. Click menu notifications
  4. Press menu pop up notification
  5. Then three options appear that you can choose, namely only when screen “on”, only when screen “off”, and the always show popup option.

How to pop up on Instagram

Next, This is how to enable pop-ups on Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Then visit your Instagram profile.
  3. Press the three lines menu in the upper right corner
  4. Then select settings
  5. Select the notifications menu, then you can press Activate and select on.

How to create Pop up ads on WordPress

If you have business website, of course you can need pop-up ads in wordpress to help your promotion process. Here is how to make it:

  1. Login to your WordPress.
  2. Select the plugins menu, then click add new.
  3. Find and then install the CM Popup plugin.
  4. Press the CM Pop Up banner for WordPress button in the sidebar.
  5. Click the Add New Campaign button.
  6. Fill in the ad content you want to promote.
  7. Specify the pop-up configuration.
  8. Finally, you can activate the pop up by pressing publish.

That’s a review of the understanding of pop-ups, what are their functions, to how to activate to create pop-ups for ads in WordPress. Are you already interested in creating pop-ups for your business?

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Pop Up Is: Understanding, Function Until How To Make It

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