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People also ask, surely you’ve seen one of Google’s features this one when you do a search on the Google search engine. People also ask usually contains questions that usually appear in search engines. For example, when you type a certain keyword, then a question appears that is also asked by others at the bottom of the search page.

But, what exactly do people also ask? How to optimize people also ask Google? For those of you who want to know this, you can read the following review to the end. Because, in this time we will discuss more about PAA. Let’s just get started to the discussion.

What is People Also Ask?

PAA or people also ask is one of the features of Google’s search engine result pages. PAA has the purpose to answer questions related to search results searched by users on the Google search engine. The answers are usually in the form of a web page that users can click on if they want to get an answer or want to read more about the information.

The People Also Ask Component

In order for you to understand this PAA well, there are at least three characteristics that must be understood. Here is an explanation of these three characteristics:

The People Also Ask

PAA can appear in various sequences in search results. For example, in the search for how to create content, PAA appears in position one below feature snippet. Meanwhile for the search with keyword how to post content, the new PAA column appears in third position. Then, the PAA feature may not appear in a search result. But, according to data from SEMRush, indicating that the PAA is generally in the top three positions. Of course, this PAA feature is very important to note so that the website you manage can get traffic.

Answer Format People Also Ask

PAA can appear in a variety of formats. For example, such as paragraphs, tables, lists, up to videos. Of course, this should be your concern, especially if you want to optimize content for PAA.

Source Answers People Also Ask

The last component to know is the source of the answer from PAA. The source of the answer to the question on the PAA, will usually come from the same source. For example, on keyword searches on how to tidy up the Instagram feed. You can find the question why the IG feed should be interesting. Although both keywords clearly have a purpose, as well as different SERP results, the source of the answers used by Google to answer that question in the PAA column comes from the same source.

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How To Optimize People Also Ask

There are at least three easy stages that you can use as a guide for optimizing your website content for PAA. The third of them is to determine the questions you want to answer, then determine the content you want to optimize, then answer the questions in accordance with the Google format. One of the keys to getting your content into PAA results is answering the right questions.

Determine the right questions

There are several ways you can get the right questions. You can use keyword search tools like SEMRush. In the SEMRush tool, you can enter keywords that you want to research more deeply, in the Keyword Magic Tool feature. in this feature, you can use filters to search for keywords in the form of any questions that can appear in the PAA column.

In addition to using paid tools, you can also use semi-paid tools, such as also asked. With this tool, you can do three free searches per day, to get questions that match the keywords you enter. This tool, has the advantage where you can find out what questions arise, when a user searches using related keywords.

Determine the content to be optimized

Furthermore, if you have found the right question to answer, then you must determine the content to be optimized. To determine which content to optimize for this, make sure you have to pay attention to relevance. Because, of course you don’t want users to get the wrong answer, because it can cause your website to be viewed as an untrusted source in the eyes of users.

So many reviews about people also ask, hopefully these reviews are useful for you in understanding more about PAA.

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