Marketing Psychology Tricks From Famous Brands

One way to make your sales sell well is to apply marketing psychology. With this one marketing technique, you can play on the emotional level of your target market. This one technique is widely applied by global brands, call it McDonalds, Burger King, and many others.

Actually, this marketing psychology trick has often been encountered, but you may not realize it. A simple example is the application of color in logos and packaging. Color Selection will psychologically affect the target market when looking at the products or services you offer.

So that you understand more about psychology in marketing, let’s see the following DOTNEXT article!

What Is Marketing Psychology?

Marketing psychology is the understanding of the motives that can affect the emotions and actions of the market in seeing a product or service offered. With this, you will be helped to understand what exactly are the motives that affect the emotions and actions of consumers in viewing a product offered to them.

Having an understanding of marketing psychology will help you create strategies that can influence consumer buying decisions. Be it from the price, convenience, benefits, and other things related to emotions.

The Concept Of Marketing Psychology

To apply marketing psychology, there are several concepts that you need to understand, such as the following:


In psychology, priming is a state in which a stimulus or an event can add to certain information that has been previously remembered. Usually this one technique is used subtly. You can help website visitors to remember important information about your product or brand.


If someone does something for you, then you will naturally want to repay the good deed. In the business world, there are several ways to apply this technique, for example using vouchers, souvenirs, exclusive ebooks and so on.

Social Proof

It is a theory that says that people will adopt the beliefs or actions of a group of people they like and trust. The way to do this is through the website.

Decoy Effect

This concept is the concept used by the Starbucks brand. Where you provide several choices of almost the same product at different prices. This will make potential buyers think about purchasing the most profitable item for them. This concept is very effective and powerful.

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Marketing Psychology Tricks

If you are interested in applying marketing psychology in marketing your business. You can follow this trick.

Use The Number 9 On Product Promos

You must be familiar with products that have a promo price of IDR 149,999, right?

Subconsciously, our subconscious will think that this product is quite cheap because it is not up to one and a half million. Then decide on the purchase. This marketing psychology trick is called charm price. Two similar prices can look different and successfully interest consumers. The difference is only a little.

You need to know, the fact is that the sale of products with this technique has 24% higher sales,

Create The Effect Of “Fear Of Missing Out” Products

One application of this trick is to use the phrase ” Don’t miss out!”on digital Advertising that you market. Or, you can use the word “Limited Edition”. In this way you seem to tell consumers that the product is in limited supply. You can also convince consumers to buy the product as soon as possible.

Help prospective customers to avoid Action Paralysis

There are several approaches you can take to implement this strategy. For example by giving a free trial of 30 days, or no payment for the first month. The goal remains the same, but can potentially get different results.

Devil’s Advocate Technique Deals

Research shows that consumers are more likely to buy products when they have questionable assumptions.

In essence, you need to overcome the concerns of potential customers and carry out sales by not using boring theory or research.

Those are some of the things you need to know about applying psychology in marketing. Hopefully after knowing this your marketing techniques are more varied again.

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