Local SEO: A Guide to optimizing your Google My Business Page


Do you want to make your business famous locally? One way is to implement local SEO. Yep, besides having to apply SEO, now you also need to use local SEO to reach customers around the business location.

What’s that technique like? Let’s see more fully in the following article!

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a method of optimizing a business ‘ visibility to appear in local searches. For example, when you are looking for the nearest padang restaurant. So from the search, Google will automatically display the results of padang restaurants near you.

By implementing local SEO for your business, it is possible that when customers search around the business area, your business name can appear.

According to research, 46% of Google users search locally. 29% of local searches result in a purchase. Of course this is a great opportunity for businesses to be able to increase sales.

Local SEO helps potential buyers nearby to find your business and obtain information about what you offer, address, to operating hours.

How to optimize Local SEO

Like SEO, local SEO also applies several techniques and creativity so that search engines can recommend our business to internet users. Here are some ways to optimize local SEO

1. Complete Your Google My Business Profile

First, this is the basic way of local SEO, you need to create and complete a Google My Business Profile.

To do so, you need to create a new entry, you can visit Google Maps and then click on the menu that is in the upper left and select Add your business. You will be directed to the Google My Business page. Or you can also directly visit the Google My Business page and then Login or manage now. Click Add Business.

If you have entered the address registration form page on Google My Business, you can fill in all the information contained in the registration form. Fill it out completely and with valid data.

Also make sure you record the data you fill out for NAP Citation purposes.Consistency in this case is very important. When it’s done, you need to complete the verification process. Then there will be a review process. Usually 1 ⑴ 24 hours your business can already be seen on Google Maps.

2. Keyword Research

Just like SEO, here you also need to do some research keyword. This Keyword is the keyword that prospective buyers will be looking for. By doing your research, you will understand what buyers want, especially those doing local searches.

For keyword research, you can use SEO tools or use Google Trends tools. From here you can know what people tend to be like when doing searches related to your business. By using these keywords, the more likely your business is to rank in local search results.

3. On-page content optimization

On page SEO is an optimization technique performed on the content of the content on the website. Examples of optimization of titles, descriptions, tags, images, articles, keywords, internal links, and more.

On-page optimization also applies in local SEO. One way to optimize local SEO is to create Schema Markup. Here is a guide to creating structured data using Schema Markup Generator.

  1. Select schema type, connect for local SEO needs, then select local Business.
  2. Fill in the data related to your business
  3. Click Generate
  4. Copy the json script that you get, try to put it in the header of the website.

In Google My Business on page optimization, you need to pay attention to the use of words or sentences that are relevant to your business. Include some keywords in each paragraph. In addition, also try to regularly make posts on Google Maps, be it promos or posting articles.

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4. Make NAP Citations

NAP Citations are short quotes about your business. It has formats such as name, address, and phone number. NAP Citation is similar to domain authority. If your NAP Citations often appear on the internet, then the business is already listed on Google My Business is considered famous by the search engine. Your business is getting easier to find.

You should build as many NAP Citations as possible and make sure all the information you input is always the same. To make sure, you can perform a NAP Audit using the citation finder tool.

5. Respond To Consumer Reviews

Once your business is listed on Google My Business and can be found on Google Maps, consumers can leave reviews about your business. Try to always provide the best service and reply to all incoming reviews so that you get a good rating.

That’s how local SEO optimization that can support your business is widely known. If you are still confused how to apply it, SEO services DOTNEXT can help you to get your business discovered and get ranked on the first page of Google. We also provide free SEO Audit. How just contact us here.

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