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Facebook Ad Breaks-Facebook is a social media that is widely used by people in Indonesia. Especially for those who have a business in the online world, because Facebook is often used as a marketing medium by business people who want to promote their products through social media.

Therefore, currently Facebook is increasingly developing features and quality to support the needs of its users, namely for content creators and for business people. One Facebook feature that is useful is Facebook Ad Breaks.

What is the definition of Facebook Ad Breaks? To find out more, you can read the following review to the end. In this post, we’ll talk about what Facebook Ad Breaks are. Just start explaining.

What Is Facebook Ad Breaks?

Have you ever watched a video on Facebook and then watched an ad that you couldn’t skip? If so, you’ve seen Facebook Ad Breaks. Facebook Facebook Ad Break is a new feature provided by Facebook so that the video contained on the facebook page or fanspage can be inserted with ads.

Facebook users can now make money through Facebook. So, every three minutes of the uploaded video, will be inserted with an ad for 20 seconds, where the ad is relevant to the content or video uploaded.

So, for example, if you upload a video related to education, then the ads that will appear can be about tutoring or homeschooling. Basically, all the ads that will appear will be aligned with the uploaded video.

How To Use Facebook Ad Breaks

There are several requirements that you must follow to create a FAB. Because, in Facebook Ad Break, the monetization procedure is the same as monetization on Youtube. So, you cannot directly monetize the uploaded video because there are several conditions that must be met.

But, because currently the Facebook Ad Break system is still at the beginning of the opening, so the conditions are not as heavy as the requirements on YouTube. For the requirement that your Facebook page must have at least 10 thousand followers or have a number of likes and views of 3000 views on 1 minute of video, with an overall video duration of at least 3 minutes.

The minimum number of active videos is 5 videos. In addition, you should also pay attention that the videos you upload do not infringe copyright. So, you should double check your uploaded video whether it violates copyright or not.

How To Register For Facebook Ad Breaks

By using this one Facebook feature, it can indeed benefit its users. So, it is not surprising that many users take advantage of this feature. If you want to use it and want to know how to register it, here are the stages:

Create A Facebook Page

The most basic thing you have to do is have a Facebook page. You must manage the page well and present interesting content, so that your page has many followers who can meet the minimum number of followers, for monetization that has been set by Facebook.

Facebook Page Eligibility Test

You should double check the eligibility of your Facebook page. All of that stuff to apply for monetization by opening Facebook Creator Studio. You can do this due diligence in the “monetization” menu and in the “policy issues”section

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On Boarding to In Stream Ads

If your Facebook page is already eligible to apply for monetization, then the next step you can do is:

  • Open Creator Studio.
  • In the “monetization” menu you can review the eligibility of in-stream ads for live broadcasts on the page.
  • Press” set up ” if your Facebook page already meets the requirements.
  • Press “accept terms” after you have read the entire terms and conditions set forth.
  • Set up an account to get paid.
  • Submit Facebook page so that it can be reviewed by Facebook.

After the review process is successful, you will receive a notification via email and Creator Studio. Then return to the Partner monetization policies section as well as the In-Stream ad eligibility best practices. So that you can apply for a review if your application is rejected.

Have you been using Facebook Ad Breaks since you read the review above? I hope you found Facebook’s Ad Breaks useful.

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