Keyword Cannibalization: definition, impact, and more

Keyword cannibalization is one of the problems in SEO that often occurs on many sites, but many are not aware of the impact of keyword cannibalization. This SEO problem, of course, can provide bad CTR on a website.

What exactly is keyword cannibalization? What impact? In the following article we will discuss this further. To find out the answer, you can read the following article to the end.

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What Is Keyword Cannibalization?

Keyword cannibalization is a situation where there are two posts or two pages that target the same keyword. These conditions, of course, can make Google experience obstacles or difficulties to determine which posts or pages are most relevant to get ranked in its search.

In general, this case often occurs on websites that already have many pages or posts on them. Keyword cannibalization can also lower the ranking of any page that uses the same keyword.

For example, if you have 3 pages using the same keyword, then most likely the ranking of all three pages, will experience a decrease in Google SERP.

Negative Effects Of Keyword Cannibalization

It has been said before if keyword cannibalization has a national impact for your website. For more details on how the negative impact, the following is an explanation:

Page Authority will be reduced if a website has keyword cannibalization. Because keyword cannibalization can cause clich through rate (CTR) to be divided into several pages. Of course, this will cause some of your website pages to compete for traffic.

So, if this is left unchecked, it will certainly reduce the authority of your website page, and can make it difficult for the webite page to enter Google Featured Snipped.

If you have two pages with the same keyword are on the top page of the SERP, but one of those Pages is less relevant. When there are internet users who open a website page that is less relevant, it will certainly make the value of the conversation rate to be reduced.

At the same time, the bounce rate of your website also has the potential to increase because users do not find relevant and satisfactory information, will immediately leave the website.

Identifying Keyword Cannibalization

So, how to know if a website has keyword cannibalization? The simplest way you can do this is by using SEO Audit tools such as Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Moz and others.

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How To Deal With Keyword Cannibalization

Once you find a page that has problems with cannibalization, what should you do? To solve the problem, you can solve it in the following ways:

1. Delete A Post

You can delete any post that has the same target keyword. If you want to use this method, you have to consider it carefully, which pages have quality and also perform well in Google SERPs.

You can delete posts or pages that lack quality.

2. Merge Pages

There is another option, if you don’t want to delete your post. Namely by combining posts. The two posts combined, will complement each other and form quality content.

In addition, this option can also reduce the issue of thin content on website nor your blog.

3. Using A 301 Redirect

Using a 301 redirect can also help overcome the adverse effects of keyword cannibalization. You can redirect 301, less relevant pages to relevant pages.

So the click through rate on relevant pages is not compromised or affected.

4. Using New Keywords

The last option, which you can make a choice is to find a new keyword to be used as a substitute for the target keyword of one of the pages that have keyword cannibalization problems.

You can choose a page with poor performance, between two pages that have the same keyword. Then you can change the focused keyword. However, you must make sure the keywords that will be used are relevant to the content of the page.

The following reviews, hopefully the reviews above are useful for you to know more about keyword cannibalization.

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