Internal links are: know the definition and how to optimize!

Internal links are-surely you have unconsciously seen internal links. In the world of SEO, internal links are inseparable. Because, its presence is very important to optimize your website to appear on the top page of search engines.

However, for those of you who are new to the world of SEO and website management, certainly still wondering whether the internal link. So, you come to the right review, because in this review we will discuss about internal links further.

Let’s start with the main discussion.

What Is Internal Link?

As the name implies, internal links are links or links from one page to another on the same website. Surely you have experienced when you are reading an article and then there is the writing” Read also ” then there are other article titles that you can click.

That is one example of an internal link, which is often found. So, internal links are an important part of SEO, because they can help Google to index your website, and to understand its overall structure.

Because, if search engines can understand your website as a whole, it is certainly easier for websites to get top rankings on search engine pages. If search engines are confused with your website, then the chances of getting the top spot on the search engine page are certainly fewer.

How to optimize Internal links on the Website

Once you know the meaning, then you also have to know how to optimize internal links . Let’s just get down to the discussion:

Create related content

The first step you can take is to create content that is interconnected. But, to create related content, of course you will need a lot of content. Because, if you have no content, it means that few or even no internal links can be installed.

In essence, the more content you have, the more internal links you can insert.

Use keywords in Anchor Text

You are no stranger to anchor text. Anchor text is text that contains a link or links that can be clicked. This text is different from regular text, and usually anchor text has a blue color. When you use anchor text for internal links, you don’t forget to include keywords about the intended page.

Anchor text can help Google and also website Visitors to understand the content of the link, without having to click on it.

Links to relevant pages

Use internal links when you feel that a page or other content is relevant to that page. Because, if there is nothing to do, the chances of the link being clicked by the visitor will be small.

If the page clicks are low, the engagement is also lower. The problem is, search engines will assume that the internal links are not appropriate and can ultimately have a bad impact on your SEO strategy. So, install the appropriate link or links and can encourage visitors to click or read the page.

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Use varied Anchor Text

Not all anchor text can be in accordance with the sentence written. Don’t put the same anchor text on every page. You have to make it more varied so that it looks natural.

Use Dofollow Links

Dofollow links are a type of link that allows search engines to follow the link. Maybe this step looks obvious, but not infrequently people who actually put nofollow on internal links so that search engines ignore these links. You must make sure you use dofollow links, on all internal links so that Google can follow these links.

Links to important pages on the Website

When you install an internal link, the authority on the website page will also be shared with other pages. So, the higher the authority that will be shared, the better the effect for your website SEO. Therefore, you should try to link high authority pages to other pages that you want to rank.

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