How To Verify My Pertamina Easily Here Is The Place

How To Verify My Pertamina Easily Here Is The Place

How to verify my Pertamina – technological advances have made things possible digitally. It also happens there is a fuel purchase activity aka BBM. Pertamina as a sub holding of the largest fuel provider in Indonesia is issuing an application. Which users who use the application will be able to make fuel purchases without the need to pay with cash.

The name of the application is My Pertamina, to be able to use this application the user must register and know how to verify My Pertamina. Then how to verify? Find the answer in the review of this article.

My First Is

As already mentioned in the initial paragraph that my pertamina is the latest application launched by Pertamina Patra Niaga which is a sub hoding of PT pertamina Persero. Currently, the application is entering a trial which has started from July 1, 2022. The test is the purchase of diesel fuel and pertalite. Users who have registered in the My pertamina application system can try to make transactions via the application.

How To Verify My Pertamina Easily Here Is The Place

The way the My pertamina application works is that it must be connected to the e wallet application or credit / debit card. The digital wallet application that currently supports is LinkAja. As is known LinkAja is indeed an application managed by the government. The advantage of making payments via LinkAja is that users can make fuel purchases without a minimum limit. Meanwhile, if you make a payment via credit / debit card, there is a minimum purchase worth 50,000.

How To Verify My Pertamina

To be able to use my Pertamina, of course, users must register first. For those of you who only make fuel purchases in quantities that are not too large, it is recommended to use payment via linkaja. All you have to do is connect the two apps. There will also be a verification phase. What kind of way? Check out the following steps,

  • First download and install the LinkAja and my Pertamina applications. Both can be found on the google play store and can be downloaded for free.
  • Once installed, first register for a LinkAja account. Open the app and then allow notifications of terms and conditions that appear on the phone. Then enter the phone number that is actively used and then click the start button.
  • Next, the verification code from linkaja will be entered via sms. Enter the code to continue the account registration process. Next, fill in the requested personal data correctly, and click the Continue button.
  • If you have, create a password to login the linkaja application and the account registration process has been completed. After that, an sms will appear from linkaja stating that the registration process has been successful.
  • After having a linkaja account, then just connect with my Pertamina. The trick is, open the My pertamina application, then click the Activate button, click the already button, then enter the linkaja account password or pin.
  • Next you will get a verification code via sms. Enter the verification code correctly. If you have, then both applications have been connected and can be used.

That was an interesting description about the registration process and how to verify my Pertamina easily. If you already have a LinkAja account, then from the first step you can immediately proceed to the fifth step in the review above. Thus the info this time, hopefully useful and good luck.

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