How to use magic commands in Canva

how to use magic commands in canva

Here’s a guide on how to use magic commands in Canva. Use this command /magic to insert any element into your design in an instant with your keyboard.

Designing with Canva is very easy. You don’t need to be a professional illustrator or designer to get started. Learning Canva is relatively easy and you can start creating great designs pretty quickly.

But that doesn’t mean it’s just what you see on the surface of Canva. While it’s easy to get started, there’s plenty of room to learn new things while you’re at it. The magic command is one such feature.

Even though you know the keyboard shortcuts in Canva, there is a possibility that you ignore this amazing feature that will greatly speed up the design process for you. Let’s see what the magic command is and how you can use it.

Is that a Magic Order?

Magic commands are a series of commands that allow you to add elements to a design using just the keyboard.

Keyboard shortcuts are famous for increasing productivity by speeding up processes. The same goes for designing in Canva.

With the magic command, you don’t have to open the ‘Elements’ tab from the left toolbar repeatedly. And if you like to keep the left toolbar closed, accessing elements in the usual way can be a hassle.

The magic command allows you to access elements from a pop-up menu directly from the design page. This feature is available for Canva free and Pro accounts and can currently only be opened on a PC.

How to use magic commands in Canva

1. Open and open or start a new design.

2. Now, to access the magic command pop-up box, press / (slash) on the keyboard Agan. A magic Pop-up will appear on the current page.

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3. You can also use these alternative keyboard shortcuts: Cmd+ E (For Mac) or Ctrl+ E (For Windows).

4. Some suggestions will also appear on the magic pop-up to include elements such as Text, Line, Arrow, Circle, etc.

5. You can also enter some of them directly with the following keyboard shortcuts without first opening the magic command pop-up:

  • T-Text
  • L-Line
  • C-Circle
  • R-Rectangle
  • S-Sticky Notes

6. In the magic command pop-up, type what you want to search for. For example, if you want to add a heart to your design, type heart in the text field.

how to use magic commands in canva-2

7. Then, press the button Enter to insert a heart-shaped element.

8. When searching for several things, categories such as Graphics, photos, videos and emojis, will also appear below the text field. For example, if you want to add a plant to your design, type plants in the text field, then select Graphics.

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9. The search results will appear in a pop-up. Navigate to the element and press the button Enter to add it to your design.

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10. If you use the magic command to add elements, magic recommendations will also appear in the Elements panel on the left.

That’s a guide on how to use magic commands in Canva. I hope this article was helpful to you! Thank you for visiting.

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