How To Use Google Search Console

How to use Google Search Console – For those of you who often manage websites, of course no stranger to Google tools this one is Google Search Console.Search Console is a free tool provided by Google that serves to monitor the organic performance of the website.

Of course, these tools will make it easier for managers or owners of a website to see how the performance of the website. If you want to know more about Google Search Console, then this article is for you.

Here is a review for you about Google Search Console, from understanding to how to use it

What Is Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool for website owners that serves to identify how the website is performing in the organic realm. Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster, allows you to find out the referring domain or domains that link to your website.

In addition, Google Search Console can also find out how the website is performing on mobile devices, to analyze website pages with the highest traffic.

Benefits Of Google Search Console

By using Google Search Console, you can not only see the performance of the website in the organic domain, you can also get several benefits if you use the tool. Among them are:

1. Can Know The Arrival Of The Audience

The first benefit of this tool is that it allows you to know where your audience is coming from. Of course, this feature really helps you to understand the demographic prospects of the audience, so you can reach the right target market.

2. Helps You Find Keywords

The audience finds your website, of course, with a variety of keywords. Google Search Console helps you to find keywords that many audiences use to find your website.

3. Identify the devices your audience is using

This tool can help you find out how your audience interacts with a website, whether most of them are using mobile devices or desktop devices.

4. Identifying Popular Pages

Every website, of course, has a popular page compared to other pages. Google Search Console can help you find out which pages bring the most visitors.

5. Can Check Compatibility On Mobile Devices

Although you can check by itself, whether your website can be accessed on mobile devices, but this method is actually less accurate. You can use Google Search Console to find out.

By using the Mobile Usability feature, it will certainly help you to check the compatibility of the website on mobile devices.

6. Check For Broken Links

By checking for broken links, you can improve the quality of audience experience on your website. So you can immediately fix the broken link, so the audience will not be directed to the wrong page.

7. Finding out backlinks to your Website

One of the important factors to determine the ranking on the website is backlinks. This feature of Google Search Console can help identify websites that provide backlinks to your website.

This tool also provides information on which pages get the most backlinks.

8. Identifying Website Security

Security issues on the website must be considered, so that website it is safe from hacking attacks, data theft, or other problems. Google Search Console can help detect security issues and then alert you.

That way, you can fix the problem as soon as possible, to avoid other problems.

9. Send Inquiry

Sitemap has a function to help Google crawl the website, so Google can identify your website faster.

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How To Use Google Search Console

Once you know the meaning and benefits of Google Search Console, surely you want to use this one tool. If you don’t know how, you can follow the steps below:

1. Recognize existing terms

To use this tool, the first step you can do is know the terms first. There are several important terms in Google Search Console such as Impression, Click, Click Through Rate (CTR) and others.

2. Define The Target Country

If your website targets a specific country, then you need to set it up first. How to set it is click “Search Traffic “then” International Targeting ” then select the option “Country”

3. Registering XML Sitemap

By adding an XML Sitemap, your website will be easily crawled by Google. How to add it is, you go to the dashboard menu, then select the sitemap option on the left, then paste the XML sitemap that you have created, and click the submit button.

4. Connect Google Search Console with Google Analytics

You can visit Google Analytics, then click the “Admin ” menu located at the bottom left on the dashboard. Then select “Property Setting” then click “Adjust Search Console”, and select the website you want to connect, then click” Save”

5. Fix Search Indexing Issues

Problems from search indexing can certainly affect the ranking of your website. Therefore, you can fix the problem in the “coverage “menu and then click the “Index” option and you can already find out the problem from search indexing.

6. Collecting Potential Keywords

To find out the potential keywords on the website that you have is by clicking “Performance” then you will see some keywords that are often used by the audience.

7. Menguasai Komputer (Ms. Office)

You can find out what keywords have potential and of course these keywords must be optimized. The trick is you can click “Performance “then click the select filter icon, and then press “Position” then choose a keyword with an average of more than 7, and then press” Done”

8. Evaluating Content

You can see the performance of your website to evaluate whether the content you run is effective or not. For how you can do the following stages

  • Click the performance Tab
  • Then click pages, then select the website page you want to view
  • Then press “Queries”
  • Next will appear keywords that generate impressions on the page

9. Finding Backlink Sources

You can click on the “Link ” menu and then you will see which websites provide backlinks to your website.

10. Increase Internal Links

To find out which pages are linked to other pages you can click “Link” then press “Internal Link” then you will get a report about anywhere that has many internal links, up to pages that do not have internal links.

11. Improve performance on Mobile devices

You can use the Mobile Usability feature, after that you will see what are the problems on your website. Click “Error” to view the report further, so you can fix the problem.

12. Using Fetch as Google

Fetch as Google allows you to find out how Google crawls your website. To take advantage of this feature you can click on “Index” then press “Coverage” and you can check the URL you want to check.

13. Removing URLs

You can open Google Search Console then click “Google Index “then” Remove URL “then click” Temporarily Hide” the feature only hides you temporarily, which is for 90 days.

14. Adding A User

You can add a user from the Google Search Console feature by clicking the “settings “menu then” User and Permission “click” Add User” then you can add the email address you want to enter.

Here’s how to use Google Search Console. Hopefully this review can increase your knowledge about Google Search Console.

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