How to record with front and rear cameras at the same time on Android

recording with front and rear cameras simultaneously

Here’s a guide how to record with front and rear cameras at the same time on Android. This feature is something that everyone needs on their phone.

Though there is no similar built-in feature in Android. But you can use the Android application that will be safe media review below to make it happen.

Double Side Camera is a free app that allows you to record with front and back camera simultaneously. You can take photos and record videos with this app.

There are times when you visit beautiful places and you capture everything with your back camera. To take selfies you have to switch your rear camera to the front. Consequently, this is the process of changing camera modes.

But using this Android app, you don’t have to bother switching cameras. All you need to determine is the layout and quality of the camera and then you’re good to go. Let’s see how this app actually works.

How to record with front and rear cameras at the same time on Android

PS: Some devices are not allowed to start the front and rear cameras at the same time by the manufacturer. Therefore, there is no guarantee that this app will work on all devices/phones.

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First, you must download the application Double Side Camera. You can easily find this app on Google Playstore for free or download it [dari sini].

The role of this application is to record videos with the front and rear cameras at the same time. Once the app is installed on your Android phone, you can launch it to work.

The app opens with a camera with a circle placed in between. You will see your face in a circle because this circle works here as your front camera.

And the rear camera is facing backwards. You can also switch from front to back and back to front.

You will also see some icons below. The first is to switch the camera mode that I just mentioned above. The second is the camera icon. From here, you can click on your picture (with front and back camera).

Next to it, there is a video camera icon with which you can record video (with both the front and rear cameras). The last one is the Settings option where you can set your personalization using the app.

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The Settings option offers you a camera layout. At this point, you can turn that circle into a square, rectangle or take half the part of the camera. You can also fix the video encoder quality from low to high.

Once you are done with the settings, you can start recording videos and photos. The application works smoothly and quickly. Once you tap the camera, it takes a quick picture. Also, the image file will be saved in your phone gallery automatically.

To record a video, you can tap on the video icon and start capturing your surroundings. The app continuously records with the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

While recording a video, you can drag a circle (layout) or rectangle here and there on your phone screen. Videos are saved exactly as you recorded them with a moving layout. Isn’t it amazing?

Double Side Camera Features:
– Take photos or record videos with front camera &back camera simultaneously.
– There are four basic camera layouts to choose from.
– You can freely drag the camera layout to change its position.
– You can switch between front and back camera.

Bottom Line: I love this app and its features. It is a good idea to shoot video with the front and rear cameras at the same time. This prevents you from switching from the front camera to the back while recording video. The app works smartly and allows you to record videos with different layouts as well.

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