How To Pay MyPertamina Easily, Here’s The Guide!

How To Pay MyPertamina Easily, Here's The Guide!

Payment method MyPertamina-PT Pertamina Persero has launched a special application to facilitate transactions for loyal customers. The application is named MyPertamina. There are many more advantages that can be obtained by buyers who use this one application. For example, you can get a slightly lower fuel price, can get certain vouchers, and others.

In connection with the topic, this time will be reviewed about how to pay MyPertamina easily. This topic is very interesting because there are still many who do not know how to make payments via the application. To get complete information, read this article to the end.

Mypertamina Payment Terms

Before you can make payments via the MyPertamina application, you must certainly meet the terms and conditions that apply, namely registering at MyPertamina. So first download the application on the google play store or app store, then install it. Then create an account by filling in the required registration data, such as full name, active cellphone number, password and others. If you have successfully created an account or registered, the next step is to connect Mypertamina with LinkAja.

How To Pay MyPertamina Easily, Here's The Guide

This means that you need to have a LinkAja account first. Actually, for payments in MyPertamina, you can also use a debit / credit card. But it is much more efficient if you use LinkAja, especially if only to buy private vehicle fuel whose amount is not too large. Only after the two applications are connected, you can make payments via MyPertamina. And remember, make sure there is also enough balance in LinkAja to be able to make payments.

Payment Method MyPertamina

How to pay bbm via MyPertamina is very easy. The explanation is, go to the nearest pertamina gas station, then tell the officer that will do MyPertamina for payment. After that, specify the amount of fuel you want to buy. Then, the buyer will be given a QR Code that can be scanned via MyPertamina. If so, then the payment process has been completed. As long as the QR Code is correct, MyPertamina is already associated with LinkAja, and has sufficient LinkAja balance, then the payment process will definitely be successful. How easy and practical isn’t it?

Advantages Of Wearing MyPertamina

Many advantages can be obtained when using MyPertamina. This is thanks to the points system used. The system allows customers to get free service by redeeming points. So when you already have a certain amount of points, it can be exchanged into attractive vouchers and merchandise. The vouchers obtained are Concordia premium, medical tests, e voucher resort bali, and others.

These points can be earned every time you make a fuel purchase. The number of Points Earned varies depending on the type of fuel purchased. For example, purchasing pertamax turbo can get 100 points, dexlite can get 25 points, solar dex can get 100 points, pertamax can get 25 points, and pertalite can get 1 point. The more points collected, the more benefits will be obtained.

Well, that was an interesting review about how to pay MyPertamina easily. Quite clearly not the above information? Let’s hurry up and use MyPertamina, collect the points, and exchange them for cool vouchers. Thus this article was made, Hopefully useful and see you in the next review.


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