How To Make WhatsApp Status From YouTube Shorts Videos Without Link

How to make whatsapp status from Instagram reels videos

Here’s a guide on how to create WhatsApp status from YouTube Shorts videos without links. It’s a good idea for social media content creators to share their videos on other platforms as well.

For example, one can share YouTube Shorts videos on their WhatsApp status to maximize their reach and drive more audience engagement.

Although you can post The Shorts link to your WhatsApp status using the share on YouTube option. However, this is not the best way to put YouTube Shorts on WhatsApp status because most people will not open the link.

And those who don’t have the YouTube app installed (although unlikely) won’t be able to watch those Shorts videos either.

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How to make WA status from YouTube Shorts video without link? Don’t worry, there is an easy solution to share or upload YouTube short videos on WhatsApp status.

The procedure requires the use of an online service to first save YouTube Shorts to the camera roll and then post The Shorts video to WhatsApp status.

How To Make WhatsApp Status From YouTube Shorts Videos Without Link

1. Go to YouTube and find the short video you want to repost on WhatsApp status.

2. Tap the “Share” button at the bottom right and select “Copy Link”.

3. Visit the site (or use what you want).

4. Paste the link in the “Paste your YouTube link here” field and the link will be automatically retrieved.

5. Tap the “720p – Direct Download” button and then press “Download” to save the YouTube short video.

6. After the download is complete, open the “Download” folder on your cellphone.

7. Open the video you downloaded earlier and tap the “Share” button.

8. Select ” WhatsApp “from the share sheet, select” My Status ” and press Next.

9. Add captions, filters, stickers, or text to the video if you want.

10. Tap the share button to share the Shorts video on your WhatsApp status.

There he is. You can also directly send YouTube Shorts videos to your Contacts on WhatsApp.

That’s the guide on how to make WhatsApp status from YouTube Shorts videos. I hope this article was helpful to you! Thank you for visiting.

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