How to make a video recap on Instagram

How to make a video recap on Instagram

Here’s a guide on how to make a video recap on Instagram. Make a recap
IG video means collecting videos that you have made in the month or
previous year.

Video recaps can remind us of moments that are sweet, important and
exciting. Or just want to show your followers and friends about
this is the video you’ve been making all along.

One way to make a recap video on Instagram is to search for videos
recap and use it as a template. Another way is to download the application
video editing and selecting 45-90 photos.

How to make a video recap on Instagram using an IG Reel as a Template

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone.
  2. In the Instagram app, tap the “search” button in The Shape of a magnifying glass.

  3. Then type “Recap video”.
  4. Then, hit “Recap video” which appears below the search bar.
  5. Video galleries and reels related to the keywords you typed
    previous will appear.

  6. Tap one of the reel videos that you want to make as a video template
    recap Agan.

  7. Once you find the IG reel, tap “Use template”.
  8. You will then be taken to the editing page.
  9. From there, tap “Add media” and select an image/photo that is in the hp gallery
    Agan to be recap video. You will see the number of images
    required at the top of the page.

  10. Then set an interval of 0.1 seconds-0.2 seconds between each photo except
    the first photo, which should not exceed the mark of 3.5 seconds.

  11. After you finish adding the required number of images, press
    “Next” to continue.

  12. Wait until Instagram finishes processing your recap video creation.
    Then, watch a preview of the recap video that you made.

  13. When finished, press” next ” to continue.
  14. You will then be redirected to the reel editor page. You can now
    adding music, similar to how you add music to stories
    IG. You can also add effects, text, and stickers to create videos
    Agan’s recap is more entertaining.

  15. Then, Press”Next”.
  16. After that the Reel page will appear.
  17. From there, you can start writing captions on the space provided.

  18. You can also disable the “also share to feed” button so that the video
    your recap will only be uploaded on reel IG.

  19. Then, start tagging people (if you want), and even rename them
    audio used on reel templates if you want.

  20. Tap “Add location” to add your location to the reel
    Agan post.

  21. Now hit the “Share” button to upload your recap video on reel

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PS: The above steps apply to phones operating on Android
and iOS.

That’s the guide on how to make a video recap on Instagram. I hope this article
good for Agnes! Thank you for visiting.

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