How to Edit MP3 for Free Online

How to Edit MP3 for Free Online

Here’s a guide on how to edit MP3 for free online. MP3 files are one of the most popular audio file formats. It is widely adapted and supported in most devices.

However, when it comes to editing MP3 files, you may have to search and find a tool that can meet your needs.

Therefore, in this article, safespedia will review how to edit MP3 files for free online without third-party applications or software.

All we need is a free site to edit MP3s online. With the sites that we will mention below, you can perform operations like cut, copy, paste, overlap, duplicate, mute, etc.

Most of these websites support all popular audio file formats which include MP3, M4a, AVI, WAV, FLAC, etc.

You will also get various audio effects that you can apply to segments or entire audio files. These include silence, normalize, speed, pitch, fading, and more.

Right off the bat, here’s a list of free websites to edit MP3s for free online without the need to download third-party apps or software.

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TwistedWave is a free online MP3 editor where you edit MP3 files. This is an audio editor in the browser. It is an easy-to-use editor where you can add your audio files and start editing.

You can create an account if you like or use the editor anonymously without logging in. Note that the duration of MP3 files is limited to 5 minutes only in the free plan.

The Editor takes local audio uploads as well as being able to import audio from Google Drive and SoundCloud. You can add your audio in any way possible.

The Editor opens in a pop-up window so make sure you allow pop-ups from this website in your browser. The Editor merges and loads audio in mono channels only.

You can activate stereo channels with a paid plan. Once the audio is loaded, the editor shows you the waveform on the screen. You can use the mouse to select any segment of the video and with the keyboard, you can easily cut, copy, and paste.

You can also add silence anywhere and remove silence. In addition, there is a collection of effects that you can apply to your audio including Graphic EQ.

With all that, you can edit audio files. In the end, you simply export the final audio in your preferred audio file format.

While doing so, you can set the bitrate, encoding quality, variable bitrate, and stereo. After that, you can download the audio file.


  • Input: Upload local audio files, import from SoundCloud, and import from Google Drive.
  • Features Edit: Easy Selection, Cut, Copy, Paste, Overlap, Normalize, Amplify, Fade In, Fade Out, Loop, Crossfade, Insert Silence, Invert Polarity, Reverse, Remove DC Offset, Change Pitch & Speed, Convert Sample Rate, Graphical EQ, etc.
  • Additional features: Record audio, VST Effects, Add / Remove Markers, Audio File Analysis, Metadata Editor, etc.
  • Output: export to any audio format, send to SoundCloud and send to Google Drive.
  • Limitation: Edit mono files for up to 5 minutes.

Visit: TwistedWave


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AmpedStudio is another free online MP3 editor. It is a complete audio studio that you can use while traveling or anywhere.

This online app runs in a browser and comes with many audio editing and mixing features focused on music production. In fact, it also has a built-in sound library that you can use.

In the editor feature, you can add multiple tracks at the same time. To edit MP3 audio, you can add a track and then import the MP3 audio file to that track.

Then just double-click on the waveform of the track to open the audio editor. In the editor, you can select a tool from the top and then simply drag the cursor on the waveform to edit.

You can cut, copy, paste, and overlap audio segments. Along with that, you also get a MIDI editor where you can create/edit MIDI sequences.

With it, you can edit your MP3 audio and then export it. You can export in MP3 or WAV file format with options to adjust bitrate and audio channel.


  • Inputs: local Upload, project import, and import from AmpedStudio account.
  • Edit features: Easy Selection, Cut, Copy, Paste, Overlap, change Tempo, Change Bitrate, etc.
  • Additional features: Record Audio, Independent Stereo Channels editing, Multi-track editing, Built-in Sound Library, Edit/Add Chords, MIDI Recording, Automation, Metronome, Automation Recording, Beatbox detection, Export Stereo/Mono Channels, and more.
  • Output: export to WAV/MP3.
  • Limitations: limited audio editing features but many music making features.

Visit: AmpedStudio


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Audiomass is a free online MP3 editor program in the cloud. It is a powerful audio editor capable of editing audio channels (left and right) individually as well as together.

To do so, you can simply upload an audio file or import audio from a URL. The Editor loads waveforms from both channels.

From there, you simply select both channels simultaneously to perform cut, copy, and paste operations. You can also disable one channel, then edit the other channels one by one.

With it, you can edit your MP3 audio files online. Finally, you can export the final result in MP3 or WAV file format.

You also get the option to save drafts locally and import them back for later editing.


  • Input: local Upload and import from URL.
  • Features Edit: Easy Selection, Cut, Copy, Paste, Insert Silence, Remove Silence, Fade, Gain, Normalize, Distortion, Reverb, Delay, Speed Change, Reverse, Invert, etc.
  • Additional features: Record Audio, Independent Stereo Channels editing, paragraph EQ, Graphic EQ, Hard Limiter, Frequency Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Tempo Tools, ID3 Tags, Export Stereo/Mono Channels, and more.
  • Output: export to WAV/MP3, export options, or the entire file.

Visit: Audiomass

That’s the Guide How to edit MP3 for free online. I hope this article was helpful to you! Thank you for visiting.

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