How to destroy Withering in Genshin Impact

How To Destroy Withering In Genshin Impact

Here’s a guide on how to destroy Withering in Genshin Impact. Sumeru is the newest region in Genshin Impact. You have to face an effect called Withering while exploring Sumeru.

These areas and plots of land are shrouded in decay and spoil the one that is in them. Here’s a guide on how to clear the Sumeru withering zone and understand other related mechanisms.

How To Destroy Withering In Genshin Impact

The first time you will find the Withering Zones in Genshin Impact right after you collect the lotus plants for Tighnari. Two guards will approach and say that they need your help.

Upon arriving at the site, you will notice that nearby plants have rotted, and you will have to stop the rot from spreading.

Here are some mechanics to consider when you’re inside the Withering Zone in Genshin Impact:

  • Dreadful Withering: When inside the Withering zone, you will see a meter at the bottom of your HUD. This meter fills the longer you stay within that zone or if a damaged enemy manages to hit you. The amount of accumulated decay will also decrease physical resistance, elemental resistance, and HP. If the meter is fully charged, then the whole party will be removed.
  • Lantern: Dendro lanterns can prevent a sudden increase in decay.
  • Withering Branches: These are red plants that need to be destroyed to stop the Withering effect on the area.
  • Dendrograna: Found in small plants with green light. You have to interact with this to get the buff. Then, use charged attacks or aimed fire when hitting deadly branches to destroy them. Normal attacks will not work at all.

To destroy the Withering in Genshin Impact, the player must clear the Withering Branch with the help of Dendrograna.

After summoning Genshin Impact Dendrograna, use a Charged Attack (preferably from a bow user) or an Aimed Shot on the Withering Branch.

Withering Branches are three small branches that connect to the withering Tumor. The Tumor had three lines of red aura around it, hinting at where the branches were.

How To Destroy The Withering In Genshin Impact-1

After all branches are burned, certain enemies will appear. Defeat these creatures, then destroy the central pustule/tumor. Tap on it and the ground around it will come to life.

If you find a damaged enemy, you need the dendrograna buff or a character with the dendro ability just to finish him off.

That’s a guide on how to destroy Withering in Genshin Impact. I hope this article was helpful to you! Thank you for visiting.

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