How to change iPhone 14 Wallpaper

How to change Wallpaper on iphone 14

Here’s a guide on how to change the iPhone 14 wallpaper. Currently iPhone
getting a big change with the recently launched iOS 16.

Apple’s latest operating system brings so many updates that will
change the way you use your iPhone.

One significant difference you’ll notice is the Lock Screen
screen) new customizable. Apple presents the feature as
ways to personalize your phone.

And one that you can personalize is wallpaper. new iOS 16
enhance user experience with lock screen wallpapers for every

How to change iPhone 14 Wallpaper

On iPhone 14, you can change the wallpaper directly from the lock screen without
need to jump over the menu in the Settings app. This makes the process much more
convenient and easy.

To change the wallpaper in this way, follow the steps below:

1. Tap and hold on the lock screen to open the wallpaper selector screen.
Make sure you unlock your phone using Face ID.
2. Then, tap the “+ (plus)” button to continue. This will open a window
overlay onto your screen.
3. If you just want to change the current wallpaper customization, click Options
4. If you select the “Customize” option, tap the “image” icon from the bottom left corner
to continue. 5. This will bring the gallery in the overlay window to your screen.
6. Then, select the image you want to set as wallpaper with
knock it off.
7. After that, swipe left to right on the screen if you want to apply
filter on the wallpaper. You can choose from “Natural”, “Black & White”,
“Duotone”, and”Colorwash”.

How to change Wallpaper on Iphone 14-a

8. You can also activate the depth effect by tapping the “ellipsis”icon
then tap on the “Depth Effect”button.
9. If you choose the option “Add New Wallpaper”, you can choose a wallpaper from
the sections “Featured”, “Weather & amp; Astronomy”,” Emoji”, or you can
using the “Color” section. If you want to set wallpaper from gallery
Your photo, tap the “photos Wallpaper”option.

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Customize The Home Screen Wallpaper

1. If you tap on the “Customise Home Screen” option, you can edit the wallpaper
Home Screen. By default, it will use the same wallpaper as lock
2. Then, tap again to bring up the color picker.
3. Tap “Photo” to select a photo from your gallery. You can also tap
“Blur” option to blur the wallpaper after adding it.
4. Then, tap “Done” in the upper right corner.

How to change Wallpaper on Iphone 14-b

That’s the guide on how to change wallpaper on iPhone 14. I hope this article
good for Agnes! Thank you for visiting.

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