Hosting is: definition, types and how it works

Hosting is-Hosting actually has several meanings or definitions, but simply put hosting is a service to store various data, images, to files on a website. For some people who work in this field, of course, are familiar with hosting.

For those of you who are still wondering what further howting is. This article is the right read for you, because this time we will discuss more about the definition, types, until dengann how it works.

You can listen to the following review to the end to find out more.

Hosting Is

Understanding hosting or web hosting is a place to store all files and website data, so that these files can be accessed by many people via the internet. Information about fike and website data is usually in the form of videos, images, emails, scripts, applications, and databases.

Without hosting, a website cannot run properly.  So, that’s the reason why, you have to hire hosting first to create a website.

You can imagine if you want to build a big house, of course the land needed is getting wider. It is the same as hosting, if you want to build a high capacity and Performance website, you certainly also need a large resource.

Types Of Hosting

Hosting has its types depending on the needs. All these jenjs certainly have soesifikasi and diverse costs.

If you want to start a hosting subscription. You can find out the types below first, so you don’t choose the wrong one later.

1. Shared Hosting

As the name implies, shared hosting is a type of server that is used jointly by many users at once.

By using this type. You will share facilities such as disk space, speed, and others. So, when one user uses too many resources, your website can also be affected.

2. VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, This hosting is a private type whose resources are only used by one user.

So, the server will not be affected by the use of other users. In this type, you have the freedom to manage and also manage the available resources independently.

3. Cloud Hosting

This type is hosting with resources like VPS, but with various ease of use such as Shared.  So, you don’t have to have technical skills to manage the server.

This Cloud will distribute the load to several servers at once. So that when one of the servers experiencing problems or disruptions, website stay stable with backups from other servers.

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4. WordPress Hosting

Just as the name suggests yaktu WordPress hosting is a type that is devoted to WordPress users who have more or less the same specifications as the shared type.

The difference is, WordPress servers are configured specifically for WordPress users. Where users will be easier to build a website with a few clicks.

Like shared hosting, WordPress also has to share storage facilities with other users. So, when other users use resources excessively, you can be affected.

5. Simple WordPress

This type, especially for those of you who want to build a website with WordPress CMS without having to worry about technical things. So you do not need access to Cpanel, to edit files on the website and other settings.

All settings and website optimization in cPanel, such as bandwidth, security and speed, will all be regulated by the provider. That’s what distinguishes Simple WordPress from WordPress hosting. So, you can make it easier to create a website.

6. Dedicated Hosting

You do not need to worry if the website is down, because the server is only used by one user. The server is dedicated only to you.

In addition, you also have the freedom to manage and manage the server as needed. So, you should have an understanding of managing servers.

How Does It Work?

These are the stages of how it works, as follows:

  1. The Server will store various types of files needed by the website. Such as: scripts, images, videos, website databases, and more.
  2. Visitors who type the domain name of your website in search engines such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or other browsers.
  3. The Browser will ask the server to send website files to the browser
  4. The Server sends the files needed by the browser.
  5. Visitors can access your website.

That’s the reviews about hosting. Hopefully by reading the reviews above, your knowledge about hosting has increased.

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