Here’s how to create a free website on Google!

How to create a free website on Google-nowadays, the use of websites is needed by many people. Either used for personal purposes, or to provide information about a product or service offered.

By using the website, All information uploaded about anything, can reach people in a wide scope. This is certainly an opportunity for business owners who want to develop their business in the digital world.

For those of you who are looking for how to create a free website through Google. Then this article is the right answer for you. Because, the following article will discuss about how to create a free website through Google Sites.

What Is Google Sites?

What is Google Sites? Google Sites is a website creation platform, Google sites is a collaborative part of Google Workspace. This Google Platform, provides a website builder that you can use to put together a simple site.

By using Google Sites, you will get some basic website creation features, but still have their respective functions, namely:

  • Simple website Template
  • Layout options on the website
  • Integration with Google Workspace Suite
  • Interaction with Google Maps and YouTube
  • Image carousel
  • Embed HTML

In addition to the above features, you will also get additional options such as divider and also table of content. Using Google sites is easy, even for beginners.

Once you know what Google Sites is along with the basic features. Next you have to know how to create a website on Google Sites.

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How to create a free Website on Google

There are many website creation sites that you can use for free, but this time we will discuss about how to create a free website on Google by using Google Sites. This one Google feature does provide easy and free access, for anyone who needs a website.

Here are some steps you can follow to create a website on Google Sites:

1. Accessing Google Sites

The first step you have to do is access the Google Sites page. You can visit the following link After that you have to create a Google account first to use it, and of course to save the website you created.

2. Create Website

After successful login on the page Dashboard. You will be shown with several template options at the top of the page. You can choose one of the templates tailored to your needs.

In addition to this way, you can also create a website from scratch by selecting the option Start a new site located at the top left on the page.

3. Determine The Title Of The Website

You should define a title for the website to make it easy to remember. You can change the title of the website by clicking on the text Your page title.

4. Manage Website Design

To set the design on the website, you need to recognize the various features possessed by the Google Sites editor. You can set the website design starting from the template, font used, layout and others.

5. Website Publication

Once you are done with the design you want. You can directly publish it by pressing the button Publish which is at the top right of the page.

After that, you can set the URL for the website that can be tailored to your needs. If you have specified the URL, you can press the button Publish. When you have published the website, then the website can be accessed by others.

That’s some way to create a free website on Google, is not it easy? With a website for your business, of course, can make your business look more professional, as well as information about your business can be accessed easily anytime and anywhere by consumers.

Some reviews on how to create a website. I hope this review is useful for you.

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