Google Trends Is: Know The Meaning To Function

Google Trends is a tool provided by Google. Google Trends itself, allows users to search for topics that are trending or are hotly discussed. This tool certainly has many uses, especially for those of you who work in the field of marketers.

Every website manager, of course, wants to increase website traffic to develop his business. One way to realize this desire, is to create content that is hotly discussed.

Google Trends is very useful. For those of you who want to know more about what Google Trends is, you can read the following review to finish. This article will discuss more about Goole Trends. We immediately started the discussion.

Google Trends Is

Understanding Google Trends is one of the services from Google that provides you with data and graphs about the popularity that is happening in the Google search engine. The tool was first launched by Google in 2006, and is still being developed.

The use of Google Trends is not only to show what is hotly discussed, but also can be used to research keyword. Because, by using Google Trends you can see the keywords that are often searched or used.

In addition, you can also compare the performance between keywords, so you can choose keywords well. Its simple appearance, of course, makes you easy to use it, plus you can use this one Google tool for free.

So, you can search for any information you need through Google Trends. So, it can make it easier for you to develop a website and increase your website traffic.

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Google Trends Functionality

Not only to see trending or hot topics that are being discussed, Google Trends also has other functions. Here are the functions:

1. For Keyword Research

By using this one Google tool, you can do keyword research by typing keywords on the Google Trends homepage. After that, Google Trends will display the most popular keywords. In addition, you can change the search data from the Google search engine to Youtube, to google News.

All of that can be done depending on your needs. In the search results you will also see a graph containing keyword trends for some time back.

2. Finding relevant topics

Topics that are relevant to popular topics will certainly give you ideas for creating the next content. So, when you do a keyword search on the homepage, you can see a table that contains other hat recommendations based on the searches you do.

3. Display related keywords

Another ability of Google Trends is that you can find keywords related to popular keywords. You just need to type the keyword D section homepage and then press enter.

Then you will see in the Relates Queries table located next to The Related Topics table. You can search for keywords more specific to a topic, and these keywords will also display complete data.

4. Find Trending searches

This Google tool is also able to get information about searches that are trending, based on the moment or event that is happening. This Data is certainly very useful for websites that have content containing the latest news.

The way to do this is to open the main page of Google Trends, then you click the icon in the upper left corner in the form of three lines, then you can click Trending searches.

5. Predicting Trends

Because Google Trends can know the data or searches that are trending, of course it will make it easier for you to make your content seen by many audiences. In addition, you can also predict trends by utilizing trend data that is already available.

You can follow seasonal trends and local trends, before you finally follow the latest trends. To predict a trend you have to identify the trend according to the category and also the location. Then you can compare the keywords you get.

So that later you will know which keywords are better to use in your content.

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