Featured snippets, know what the definition is and More Here!


Featured snippets, surely you’ve seen this one Google feature but maybe you don’t realize that it is a featured snippet. This snippet feature usually appears at the top of the search engine page, or to the right of the search results.

This one feature, of course, can make it easier for users to search. Not only for users, for business people this feature is also very beneficial. Because this snippet feature can increase website visitor traffic.

So, what exactly is a snippet? How does it work and more? To find out more, you can read the following article to the end.

What Is A Featured Snippet?

Featured snippets are features that contain information or summaries that are relevant to the results of keyword searches. Snippets are usually information that is located in a box, and is displayed in the earliest order of the search engine.

Summary or information in question, usually in the form of Title, text, video, photo, or URL. However, Google only shows some information that will appear in the snippet. So, not all information is in snippets.

If a content on the website can provide information that is relevant to what the user is looking for, then that information will be included in the snippet. Therefore, not all content can fit into this snippet feature.

What is important for SEO?

Users will usually click on links to articles or website content that are at the top. Therefore, this snippet will make your website visited by many people, and can increase website traffic. If traffic increases, of course it affects the SEO of the website.

The Snippet will be at the beginning, before other organic search results. In fact, if the content successfully appears in the snippet, then the content you create successfully beats the ranking of one search result on Google. Because, usually snippets will appear at the top of the search engine, of course before the first order.

How Featured Snippets Work

Featured snippets, usually displayed when the Google system detects the content of the website, which has content that can answer the questions of the users. Snippets usually work automatically, where the answer results are taken from a list that is in the search results.

But, the content that gets the snippet isn’t just the content that ranks number one on the search page. This is because Google prioritizes the content of the website that is most relevant to the user’s question.

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Featured Snippet Type

The types of snippets are not just one, but you can find several different Google featured Snippets. Before you optimize accounts to appear in a snippet, you must first know its type:

1. Paragraph Featured Snippet

About 70% are featured snippets, usually in the form of paragraphs or paragraph types. Typically, these snippets are 42 words to 250 characters long. Generally, this one featured snippet starts with the title “what” or “mengp” it indicates that the user is looking for, mostly information.

2. Listicle

The next snipper is listicle. A Listicle is an average table of contents consisting of 6 items and 44 words. Typically, this type appears in the display numbers 1,2,3 etc. Or also in bullet points view only, so don’t use numbers.

3. Table Featured Snippet

The next type is table type. Usually this type appears in SERPs around 6.3%. It usually comes with a 5-Line, 2-column citation, with a word count of 40 to 45.

4. Video Snippet

It’s called a video featured snippet. This type of Snippet is a video type snippet. The videos shown are usually about 6 minutes 35 seconds long. This type appears on search engine result pages, about 4.6%.

That’s a review of featured Snippets. After reading the review above, surely you know if the snippet feature is very useful for the website you have or manage. Therefore, you need to optimize the content, so that the content you create can enter snippets.

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