Domain Authority is: understanding, benefits, and more

Domain Authority is one of the most important elements that certainly has an important influence on the ranking of a website in search engines. For those of you who are studying SEO, then you must know about what domain authority is.

Domain Authority is a metric of ranking on a website. So, the higher the ranking, the more predictable the permormanya in the SERPs (search Engine Result Pages) will certainly be better

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Understanding Domain Authority

Domain authority (DA) is the ranking or trust value that a website has on search engines. Domain authority is a matrix created by software with a range ranging from 1 to 100.

So, the higher the value on a website, it means that the level of trust of a website in search engines is certainly better.

Benefits Of Having A High Domain Authority

If the website has a high domain authority value, it certainly gets a better level of trust in the SERPs and will help to get a good page rank in search engines such as Google.

In addition to having a high domain authority, it can be used as a reference for the health of the website you have. A website with a high domain authority, the value of the authority of the website is of course directly proportional to the page rank.

Factors Determining The Value Of Domain Authority

Before you know about how to increase domain authority, of course you must first know about some of the factors that determine domain authority. The following are the factors:

1. Domain Age

The main factor that determines the value of domain Authority is the age of the domain. So, it is not surprising that the newly registered website domain has a lower domain value, compared to the old website domain.

2. Website Loading Speed

Loading speed on a website certainly has an influence on domain authority. If your website has this one problem, you can fix it by eliminating unnecessary plugins, reducing the size of photos before uploading them, and displaying part of the article body.

Because, the audience prefers a website that can be opened quickly, compared to the old website.

3. Creating Quality Content

The content on a website has an influence on domain authority. You must create content that is quality, informative, and relevant to your website. For example, you can create an article about tips or solutions to a problem.

The content is more useful when compared to creating unclear content, of course you also have to pay attention to the authenticity of the content you create.

4. Backlink

Basically, a backlink is a link or link that leads to your website. If a website has a lot of backlinks, then the website has a chance to get a high domain authority value.

How To Increase Domain Authority

After you understand the understanding, benefits, and factors, of course you also have to know about how to increase domain authority on your website. For those of you who want to know more, here’s how:

1. Improve content according to SEO

The first way to increase domain authority is, you can improve or create content that is in accordance with SEO standards. SEO itself is divided into two types, namely on-Page SEO and off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO is usually done by using and placing the right keywords, using headings, meta descriptions and others. Meanwhile, off Page SEO, one way is to provide backlinks to website articles.

2. Regularly Analyze Content

To improve website performance, of course, you must regularly analyze the content on your website. You need to edit periodically on the content of your website, so that the content created remains up to date.

If your content is updated, the faster your website is detected by Google.

3. Build quality backlinks

It has been said before, that backlinks have an important role, which can increase the domain authority of a website. The more backlinks there are on the website, the greater the chances of the website to get high domain authority.

However, with a note, the backlink provided must be relevant to the content of the website content, because if it does not match the results will be useless. Therefore, you must build quality backlinks and also relevant.

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Evergreen article is an article whose discussion is timeless, so the article will be useful at this time until the future. For example evergreen articles you can make it with the title tips to overcome angina or causes of hair loss, and other titles.

5. Build Internal Links

Internal links are links or links that link an article to other articles on a website. The benefits of internal links themselves are, making the audience linger on your website, because they can visit other articles.

This Internal link is very liked by Google, because your website will be considered to master a topic or in-depth discussion.

6. Removing Spam Backlinks

Backlink spam is backlin that leads to your website unnaturally, so it can cause your website to experience deindex. Deindex is your website Website is not detected by Google. So that your website does not appear in the Google search engine.

So many reviews about domain authority, hopefully the reviews above can be useful for you in understanding DA.

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