Display Advertising Is: Understanding, Advantages And Types


Display advertising, the term is certainly not foreign to you. Display ads in general are ads that often appear on the internet. Of course, you often see these ads in your daily life.

Currently display ads has an important role in the business world, because the majority of Indonesian people already use smartphones and the internet. So with the display ads, of course, can easily reach the target market.

What exactly are display ads? For further understanding you can read this article to the end

What Is Display Advertising?

A display ad is a display ad on the internet. These display ads can have an image or video format, which aims to advertise a product or service. Display ads are also called display ads.

Display ads are usually located on websites, Facebook, and others. These ads are usually located at the top, bottom or side, it all depends on the advertiser. Display ads are usually installed on websites that are relevant to the ads that will be displayed.

Advantages Of Display Advertising

Many companies use display ads to promote their products, this is because display ads have several advantages, including:

1. Looks More Professional

By installing display ads on the internet, it will certainly show the public that your business looks like a professional business. Moreover, installing ads costs money, so the professionalism of your business is visible from here.

2. More Interesting

With the advancement of technology, creating attractive ads is not difficult. Plus many people are tired of the usual advertising model. With the display ads, of course, can attract the audience.

Because display ads usually use text, images, videos and more. Of course, with a variety of color combinations and eye-catching images.

3. More Varied Advertising

Display ads are usually available in various sizes, shapes and formats. You can choose to use images and text only, or use a short video that can attract the attention of consumers.

You can customize the display ads format to your original purpose of creating ads.

4. Better Known To The Public

If you advertise on the internet, it is certain that there are many people who see and know the products and services you offer. So, they are aware of the existence of your product.

5. Increase Engagement

Display ads, is an interactive media content. The audience can provide interaction to you such as commenting, liking posts and others. Of course, this can increase your business engagement.

6. Able To Work Under Pressure

Through Display Ads, you can target anyone who will see your ad. Starting from age, gender, occupation, interests and more. With this, of course you can easily reach the target market you want.

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Types Of Display Advertising

It has been said before that display ads are usually placed on relevant third-party websites, the form of display ads itself is usually like a banner that contains text, images or videos.

For the types of display ads have three basic categories, the following are the three categories:

Site Placement Advertising

Display ads this one is a type of display ads display, usually advertisers choose a website, where the ad will be displayed.

Contextual Advertising

In this type of display ads, advertisers will place ads on websites that are relevant to the products or services to be advertised, for example displaying skincare ads on beauty websites.

This type of display ads, usually will appear in front of users who have visited a website, but immediately leave without leaving a trace or perform certain actions such as reading other articles on the website.

Talk about display ads. Hopefully the above review is useful for you to understand more about display ads.

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