Crawl Budget is: Letahui More Here!

Crawl Budget is-for those of you who work in the field of SEO, you must be familiar with this one term, crawl budget. Because, crawl budget is an important thing that is often underestimated by optimizers.

In fact, if you forget this and are not optimized, then the SEO strategy efforts made can be in vain.

Because, if not optimized, there will be website Pages that are not indexed. Of course, this will have an impact on the ranking of your website in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

But, what exactly is crawl budget? To find out more you can read the following article to the end. Because, in this review we will discuss about crawl budget.

What Is Crawl Budget

Crawl budget is the number of pages or pages on your website to be crawled by search engines. So, the bottom line is how much attention search engines give to your website.

Because, search engines do not have enough resources to crawl all existing websites, so search engines also have to share their attention with millions of websites in search engines.

With so many websites, search engines will prioritize their crawling, so to set crawling certainly requires their respective budgets is one way that is applied.

How is the Crawl Budget set?

There are two factors to determine the crawl budget settings, including crawl limit and crawl demand. Here is a further explanation:

Crawl Limit

The purpose of crawl limit here is how many crawls can be handled by a website, and what preferences are desired by the website Owner.

Crawl Demand

Crawl demand is a URL or link that is very worthy to be crawled by search engines, based on its popularity and also based on how often the page is updated or updated.

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How To Maximize Crawl Budget

In order for your website optimization to be maximized, you must also take advantage of the crawl budget by maximizing its use. Then how? Here is the explanation:

Allow Crawling through important pages in Robots.txt

The first step you can take is one of the important steps, which is to allow crawling through robots.txt. You can do it manually or using the available tools. You have to make sure that your pages can be crawled by Google robots, especially the important pages on your website. So, do not let your page is not dicrawl, because later it will harm you.

Watch Redirect Chains

If you have a large website, it will be difficult to avoid this because a 301 or 302 redirect will often appear. If there are many redirects connected to each other, this can negatively affect your crawl. It could even affect crawlers stopping to crawl your website.

Handle HTTP errors

Technically, HTTP errors or 404 and 401 pages can eat into your crawl budget. In addition, it can also make the UC of your website disrupted. So, you have to make sure you can handle these problems quickly and conduct site audits regularly.

Pay attention to URL parameters

You need to remember, that separate URLs will be calculated by the crawler as separate pages, this can waste your crawl budget. So, you have to provide information to Google regarding URL parameters as a solution. So, you will save your budget while avoiding worries about duplicating content. Therefore, you must make sure to add it to your Google Search Console account.

News & Updates

The next step is to look at your sitemap. Google bots will have a better and easier understanding of the purpose of internal links, if the XML sitemap is updated. You can use canonical URLs for your sitemap.  You should also make sure the URL is up to date.

So many reviews about crawl budget, hopefully the above reviews are useful for you, especially those of you who are studying SEO.

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