CPC is, understanding Up To The Way Optimization


CPC is-if you work in the field of digital marketing must have been familiar with this one term, namely CPC. CPC is short for cost per click. Where cpc is a method used by websites to calculate advertising costs that must be incurred.

It is commonly referred to as CPC (pay per click). So what exactly is CPC? How to calculate cost per click and more?

Find the answer by reading the following review to the end.

CPC is

CPC is a method used by websites to charge advertising costs, the cost is of course based on how many times the audience clicks on the ad. Site owner website usually use third parties to adjust these costs with advertisers.

The most commonly used tool is Google Adwords. CPC is usually used when the advertiser has a set daily budget, cost per click can also be used as a metric that determines the success of the ad.

How to calculate CPC

Cost per click calculated by dividing the cost of advertising by the number of clicks. For the calculation formula is as follows:

CPC = total advertising cost : total number of clicks

So, if an advertiser pays Rp4 million for an ad that receives 400 clicks, the cost per click for that ad is Rp 10,000.

Important terms related to CPC

There are some important terms you need to know before you use this CPC method. Here is the explanation:

1. Maximum Bid

Maximum bid is the maximum cost that you can spend on the cost per click of an ad. Your actual cost may be lower than your maximum bid.

2. Ad Rank

The position of your ad compared to other ads is of course very important. You can see it in the ad rank. It is this value that will determine how your ad positions among competitors.

3. Quality Score

Quality score is the value of ads provided by Google Adwords. This score is determined based on CTR (click through rate), ad keywords, and the quality of the landing page.

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4. Ad Placement

Different advertising positions, of course, will require different costs as well. If your ad position is in a strategic position, it will definitely take more time. Therefore, you should make sure your ad position is within budget.

5. Time of Day

The time of day also affects the cost per click that your ad requires. This is because the number of website visitors or social media can change according to the day and time.

How To Optimize Cost Per Click

There are ways to optimize CPC. The trick is as follows:

1. Creating Ad Copy that attracts an audience

To create ad copy that is both attractive and effective, you must pay attention to three components, namely features, benefits and calls to action. All three components must be used.

In order for your CTR to increase, because this CTR level will affect how effective the CPC is.

2. Creating the right Landing Page

One of the things you should consider in optimizing your cost per click is the landing page. A Landing Page is a page of a website that appears when a website link is clicked.

You certainly need a special landing page for paid advertising campaigns, in order to maximize the percentage of visitors.

When designing your landing page, you should consider and optimize the following elements:

  • Headline: create a headline that is interesting and also relevant to the keywords and ad copy that will be used.
  • Design: create a consistent, clean and simple brand design following your brand rules. The goal is to instill the confidence of the audience.
  • Copy: Copy should be concise and have a strong message to communicate your brand
  • Landing Page: the landing page form should be easy to use and contain all the information about your product
  • Call to Action Button: there must be a CTA to attract the audience to take certain actions, such as following social media accounts and others.

So much for the cost per click. Hopefully the above review can help you to calculate the CPC up to the way the optimization.

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