Characteristics of potential customers that affect your business

Being a businessman is not as easy as you might think. Although the results are also remarkable, but the struggle is no less great. You are not only required to prepare quality products, but also required to know characteristics of potential consumers to support business development.

Potential consumers are people who have great potential to exchange money for your business products. So, the more you find these consumers, the greater the business opportunity to grow. In addition, usually business actors will use potential consumers to attract new consumers.

Characteristics Of Potential Consumers

The type of potential consumer is always the preferred target for promotion.

This is because they usually have a greater desire to buy products compared to ordinary consumers.

To be able to find it follows characteristics of potential consumers which you must know.

1. Understand the product well

Technology that is currently developing rapidly among the people makes it easier for them to find information. Not only news about artists or famous figures that appear on Google and social media, but the details of the products sold by the company can also be found.

Usually, potential consumers will not immediately swallow the raw information that appears related to a product they want to buy. They will find out in detail related to the quality of the product. This activity is called observation that potential consumers commonly do before buying a product.

2. Consider Many Things

Characteristics of potential consumers the second is to consider many things. Even though the products you sell are of good quality, they won’t buy them right away. Rather consider a few factors first. For example, prices, benefits, advantages, disadvantages, and so forth.

Nevertheless, a sense of interest still arises which in the end will encourage them to buy your product. So, all these considerations indicate that he is at war with his ego to make a purchase decision.

3. Comparing your product with other products

Comparing your product too much with other companies ‘ products is not a bad thing, it worked. In fact characteristics of potential consumers this will be more you know when offering products door to door.

Indeed, compared to other characteristics, this third point is quite annoying. Especially if they don’t buy your product. However, do not be provoked emotions if you find a consumer like this. The purpose of doing that is actually only one, namely just wanting to know the advantages of your product.

4. Ask About The Product In Detail

If you find there are people who ask a lot of questions with the product, then don’t be annoyed or answer it curtly. The reason is, it is characteristics of potential consumers which is quite interesting and needs to earn the trust of you.

They will continue to ask about product details, advantages, disadvantages, prices, and so on. Explain it well and friendly, because actually this person already has a sense of interest in the product you are selling.

When he asks you, he’s most likely just trying to convince himself to buy the product. In order not to regret it later after buying it, he will ask a lot about the product. In fact, consumers that you value this chatty can become loyal customers and remain, it worked.

5. Make An Offer

Have you ever seen the process of bargaining goods between consumers and sellers?. If so, look at the seller’s face. Is there irritation? Or are they angry at the process? Or do they serve well?

Among the three reactions, most sellers will feel caught off guard, even angry because they continue to be bargained for. In fact, this is characteristics of potential consumers who have a sense of interest in the product.

Maybe he made this bargain to get the best price. It could also be that the price you offer is too high, so it is not in accordance with budget that they have. If you are in a situation like this, make sure you have a lot of patience. Explain Well how the quality of your product and other information!

Make the consumer believe that your product is superior to others. If the price offered is not too dropped from the capital, you can release it. At least he will come back to buy your product if he is satisfied.

6. Looking forward to promos or discounts on your products

Characteristics of potential consumers the last is that they will always look forward to the promo or discount that you hold. Usually they actually already know about your product from the beginning and want to buy it. It’s just that they wait for the right time to get a discount or discount.

Therefore, in order for him to still buy the product, you must be diligent in promoting or giving discounts. Yes, still consider capital, but it’s okay if you occasionally give a discount.

Tricks To Approach The Consumer

A customer is the main key to being able to make your business grow and be widely known. Meanwhile, potential consumers can not be reached just like that without any effort.

Yap true, you have to approach them if you want to reach them.

Here’s how you should do it.

1. Applying the selling price of products with odd numbers

After reading the information about characteristics of potential consumers, you’re probably wondering how to approach it now? There are many steps you can take, one of which is to apply the selling price of products with odd numbers.

If you often go to the supermarket or mall, you must be familiar with this strategy. The odd price is Rp99.900,00, Rp299.900,00, Rp599.900,00, and so forth. Even though it only differs by 1 rupiah, believe me this price is more attractive to potential consumers.

2. Contribute to an exhibition or Sponsor an event

Your relatively new product should be immediately introduced to the public. Although there is already social media for promotion, you can also contribute to exhibitions or become a sponsor at events. The number of people who are in one place, will make it easier for you to find potential consumers.

You will know all kinds of characteristics of potential consumers and try to approach. If your funds are tight, you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to contribute to the event. Simply take advantage of your products to attract the attention of consumers who are there.

3. Diligent Promotion

The next way to approach potential consumers is to diligently conduct promotions. You can apply various forms of promotions, such as discounts, buy 1 get 1, event limited promos, and so forth. That way, consumers will flock to buy your product.

This is where you can judge who has characteristics of potential consumers and likely to become a regular customer. Although the benefits you get when promoting are not too big, the impact can be felt in the long term.

4. Product Evaluation

Often you meet with potential consumers, then you will be easier to find out the shortcomings of the product. With this information, you can improve the quality of the product in the future.

If the product you produce is getting better quality, then potential consumers who initially only buy can turn into loyal consumers.

5. Provide The Best Service

After knowing characteristics of potential consumers, it can be the first step for you to know the people who have a big contribution in purchasing your product. That way, you can provide special services for them, so as not to switch to competitor products.

Remember! The buyer is the king you must serve. Although sometimes there are also buyers who provoke emotions, but you must be able to control anger to make them comfortable. You can also do this by rewarding potential customers.

Come On, Grab The Attention Of Potential Customers Of Your Business!

This is the testimony of characteristics of potential consumers and how to approach it.

After understanding this explanation, make sure you immediately develop a plan to make the business more developed and known to others!

Because successful businessmen are those who are not unyielding and persistent.

Good luck!

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