Carousel is: definition, types and how to create it

Carousel is-Social media is one of the human intermediaries to communicate and socialize to others. So, it’s no wonder that social media is always updating its features. One of the features that exist in social media that exist today is carousel.

If you want to increase engagement on Instagram. Then, carousel posts are the right choice for you. In fact, carouseI posts have a greater engagement of around 5.31% which exceeds regular photo or video posts.

For those of you who want to know more, then the following review is right for you. We’ll talk about what a carousel is. We immediately started the following discussion.

Carousel Is

What is carousel? Carousel is a feature that allows social media users to upload more than one photo or video in one post. This feature is often used by users, especially if you want to create content that has more in-depth information.

This type of content, is an interactive content where users can see some photo or video content just by swiping right or left. You can also combine photo and video content in just one post.

Types Of Carousels

In general, this type of post has two types, namely carousel posts and Carousel ads. To know the different types, in the following we will explain:

1. Carousel Post

For this type, it usually has the function or purpose of providing in-depth information about a topic or discussion. For this category, it has two types, namely:

Carousel was first released in Instagram in 2017. By using this feature Instagram, you can insert a maximum of 10 photos or videos, and you can also use filter configurations on your posts.

If you want to build personal branding or branding for your business. You can use this feature on LinkedIn. To create a carousel post on LinkedIn, you can choose a file that has an extension .pdf, .docx, or .pptx. In addition, the shared document cannot be more than 300 pages, and the file size cannot be more than 100 MB.

2. Carousel Ads

As the name implies, this type has the purpose of sharing advertising posts about promoted products or services. Carousel Ads have an average CTR of 72%.

The following are social media that are often used for Carousel ads:

Facebook is the social media with the most users in the world. So, it’s no wonder that social media is often used to advertise. Because, the cost of advertising here can be said to be affordable.

For one ad you can only include about 3 to 5 photos or videos.

It’s the same with carousel posts. Interestingly, on the Instagram Carousel Ads feature you can insert 10 story cards in just one ad.

This one type, makes the post interactive and more interesting for the audience to read the post longer. Of course, this can have an impact on engagement, traffic and brand awareness in your business.

LinkedIn has a feature called LinkedIn Lead Gen Form. This feature will make it easier for users to fill out forms, and can be connected with other features such as downloading, signing up, and others.

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How to create a Carousel on Instagram

Once you know the meaning and types. Next, the thing you need to know is how to make it on Instagram. Here is how it is made:

  1. Open The Instagram App.
  2. Click the + icon or add a post in the navigation bar.
  3. While selecting a post, press the icon in the form of a stack of squares, which is next to the camera icon.
  4. Then you can choose photos or videos that number no more than 10.
  5. Choose photos or videos by order, so you should pay attention to the order.
  6. Then press Next, then you can choose Instagram filters to your liking.
  7. If you have been given a filter you can press the button
  8. Then, you have to add captions and hashtags to your posts.
  9. If everything is complete, you can press Share or Share to your Instagram.

So much for the carousel. Instagram is a social media platform for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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