Can Anonymous be found on Instagram? This Is The Explanation

Can Anonymous be found on Instagram? This Is The Explanation

Whether NGL Anonymous can be caught – Instagram has indeed become a very interesting social media platform to use. There are many latest information that can be obtained from this one social media. Not only that, lately also being crowded about the trend NGL anonymous Q&E. By using the NGL, users can ask questions via story without being discovered.

This makes many instagram users even more interested in trying it. In connection with this trend, the question arises as to whether NGL Anonymous can be caught? For those of you who are curious about the answer to this question, you can immediately read the interesting reviews below.

NGL Anonymous is

NGL stands for Not Gonna Lie, which means you won’t lie. While Anonymous is to mention the identity of the Unknown or anonymous. This NGL Trend allows users to ask honestly or freely (bluntly / randomly) without worrying about being discovered. From the above, it is not surprising that many people are interested in trying NGL Anonymous.

Can Anonymous be found on Instagram? This Is The Explanation

Besides being able to be used on instagram, NGL can also be used on other social media such as twitter. NGL itself is an application that has been released on November 7 last year. There are 50 languages available. Usually users link anonymous NGL links on their insta stories. You can download this application via google play store or app store for free.

Can NGL Anonymous be caught

Many are curious whether it is true that if you use an Anonymous NGL link, your identity will really not be discovered. The answer is “true”, that is, the identity of the sender of the question is true will not be known alias anonymous. This has already been proven by several people who tried to subscribe to premium in the NGL application. The data obtained when becoming a premium member will only know the serial number of the message sender’s cellphone or its location.

So it does not specifically disclose the personal data of the sender of the message. Which means that those of you who use NGL don’t have to worry about their data being discovered. However, use this app wisely. Don’t ask negative questions about hate speech or overly personal issues. In addition, this application is also equipped with block and report options, and has used artificial intelligence (AI) content moderation, so it is more

How to use NGL Anonymous

How to use the anonymous app on insta story is very easy. For those who still don’t know and are curious how? Can follow the steps below,

  1. First install the NGL Anonymous q&A application, simply by accessing the google play store. The size of this application is quite light only about 24MB only.
  2. Once installed, next open the application and enter the instagram name data used. Then click the Done button.
  3. Next, enter the NGL link on the insta story, the step is to first click the Copy Link button, then open instagram and create an insta story, then click the sticker feature and click the Link icon, then paste and click the Done button.
  4. After that, just upload the insta story. Later the questions obtained can be checked in the NGL application by opening the inbox menu. Users can reply to questions directly by clicking the reply menu available.

In addition, users can also put NGL links on bio on instagram. That way you’ll be able to receive questions anonymously at all times. Well, that was an exciting review about whether NGL Anonymous can be caught on instagram. Hopefully the description above can answer the curiosity of the reader, that’s all and thank you.


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