Apps to train vocals (Android & iOS)

Apps to train vocals (Android & amp; iOS)

Here’s a list of apps to train vocals on Android and iOS. Whether you love to sing or want to become a professional singer, practice is the most important part.

Aspiring singers must learn how to sing, expand their vocal range, and match notes. This app will help singers to practice on vocal control.

In this article, invitationarc will review several applications to train your vocals to be able to sing better and better.

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Perfect Ear

Perfect Ear is the best vocal training app on Android and iOs. Perfect Ear has all the tools you need to develop your vocal skills.

Progress statistics will motivate you to keep going. You can master rhythm, identify melodies by ear, pick up chords, and tune musical instruments.

There are written study materials, ear exercises, and exercises for memorizing rhythms, scales, chords, and intervals.

There is also a synthesizer so you can practice creativity and create your own gamma sequences and chords.

If you feel more like singing a song, there are Practice Exercises for reading sheet music and singing of any difficulty level.

Difficulty levels are designed from simple to complex. Simple is the lack of knowledge, and difficult is professional competence in the field of musical art. Thus, the application is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Download for: Android | iOS

Vocal Image

Vocal Image is an app designed to train your vocal, breathing, public speaking, and vocal skills. Allows you to work through and improve your vocal performance.

There is a ribbon on the Home screen of the application where new training videos are constantly added. A swipe to the left takes you to the second tab where all the exercises are stored. It is presented in the form of a short video with a description of the problem being worked on.

The third Tab contains courses and author’s intensives available by subscription. The advanced paid option is for those who are serious vocal singers, vocal bloggers, or public speakers.

Download for: Android | iOS


With Riyaz app, you will learn to sing popular and trendy songs like a pro. It helps you get better as a beginner singing on your own.

You can even create covers of your favorite songs. Riyaz music library has iconic hits, trending songs, and music from all eras and genres.

The training is step by step, and each step is an exciting journey into your own world. You will create yourself, and Riyaz will ease your way.

Download for: Android

Sing Sharp

With Sing Sharp app, you will learn to sing and play notes without missing a single note. Take vocal lessons for free and wherever you like. You will learn to sing, train your ear, and train vocals.

Training in this application is carried out in a playful way, and the design of the application is intuitive to understand even by children.

Everything is designed to ensure your brain is not overwhelmed and receives more information.

This app not only teaches, but also checks and records your progress. You will be able to see your results and get professional advice on what you need to do.

In one place you have access to training, practical exercises and noise-free music recordings in excellent quality.

Download for: Android


SWIFTSCALES is an easy and fun way to learn to sing, practice your voice, and improve your vocal skills.

Initially, the application was developed for vocalists performing with accompaniment. The Program realistically simulates playing the piano.

Its most important difference from similar audio simulators is that the program adjusts to your speed and volume.

Your vocal abilities are unlimited: you can sing pop songs in jazz style or rock aria in folk style. The algorithm of the application is suitable even for warming up pro singers. It is possible to create individual modes and exercises of any complexity.

Download for: Android

That’s the list of apps to train the best vocals. I hope this article was helpful to you! Thank you for visiting.


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