9 Tips For Choosing a Domain name for your business Website


Are you planning to have a business website now? If so, as a first step you need to choose a domain name for your website. This step you need to pay attention to because the name will determine the success of your website.

If you choose the wrong name, your website may not get visitors. So, how to choose the right website name? Let’s see in the following article!

Tips for choosing a Domain name for your business

So that you are not careless in choosing a domain name, try to follow some of the following tips.

1. Try to use names that are short and easy to remember

You are free to choose the length or length of the website name. But, it would be better if the name is not too long. What is a good domain name length? As a rule of thumb for you, do not create a website name that contains more than three words. This is because short domain names are easier to remember and memorize.

2. Domain does not contain hard-to-type elements

What does that mean? The point is that the name is not too long, contains a hyphen (-), people do not necessarily understand or know that your domain uses punctuation.

Also note the spelling, make sure to use the default spelling. For example instead of you using the word “baroe”, of course it would be better if using “new”. Then there are numbers in the domain. Indeed, its use is not prohibited, but people who access can be mistaken for “nine ” or 9.

3. Try Slipping In Keywords

We want our website to be easily found by Google. One way to do this is to insert your business related keywords in the website name.

For example, if your business sells used clothes. If possible, try to choose a name “bajubekasku.com or jualbajubekas.com.

4. Wear Brand Name

You already have a brand name. You can use this name as a domain to increase the trust of visitors. Wearing a brand name is also a good and easy alternative,

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5. Think About Long-Term Risks

In addition to a cool website name, consider again what your main goal is creating a website. This is because the domain name will determine the reputation of the website. Because, Google will also search the identity of the website from the domain in question. If you frequently change your website name, your website reputation in Google Search will start from zero again.

6. Adjust the extension to the Target Area

Extension names can also help you to find relevant domain names. This is because the extension also becomes the identity of the website. Extensions or names behind domains, such as .com,. org, and .NET have their own functions, such as:

.org: usually used by organizations or institutions

– . bz: used for business sites

– . info: widely used for sites of an informative nature

– . me: usually used personal sites or blogs

However, it would be better if you use the .com extension. especially if you want a SEO Friendly website.

7. Make Sure The Domain Name Is Still Available

Tips for choosing a domain name that is no less important is to make sure that the name is still available. How? You can check the availability of the website name by visiting the Wayback Machine. There you can make sure whether the website name is still available or not. In addition, you can also make sure on sites that provide domains and hosting.

8. Choose the same name as social Media

The next way to choose a domain name is to adjust it to the name you already use on your business’s social media. The goal is to support the credibility of your business and your online identity is also getting famous.

Those are the steps in choosing a good domain name for your business website.

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