7 Easy Ways to optimize Instagram SEO!


Instagram SEO-SEO can not only be done on the website, but also can be done on Instagram. You may not know what Instagram SEO is.

SEO itself stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is an effort made so that the content created can appear at the top of the list when someone is looking for your business.

If SEO on Instagram is applied correctly, of course it can help you more easily reach followers and target market. In addition, you can also win the competition in your target market. Optimization on Instagram SEO is of course different from SEO techniques on the website. So, you need to know how optimization on Instagram to get a wide reach.

You can read the following article to the end, to know about Instagram SEO. Let’s just get started with the discussion.

Instagram SEO optimization goals

It has been said before that Instagram SEO can help you to reach your target market. With Instagram SEO, you can also increase the arrival of the audience to go to the Instagram account that you manage.

Of course this really helps you to develop your Instagram account. In addition to reaching a wider audience, you can also increase brand awareness of the business you manage through an Instagram account.

How to optimize SEO on Instagram

For those of you who want to do Instagram SEO optimization, both for business and personal purposes. The following are the stages that you can try to follow, namely:

1. Optimize Instagram Profile

Instagram’S first step when it comes to optimizing your SEO is to optimize your Instagram profile. This stage is a stage that should not be missed. There are several steps that must be done for this stage, namely:

  • Turn Instagram profile into public.
  • Use a profile photo that is relevant to the account you are managing, for example for a business account use an attractive and eyecatching profile photo. For personal accounts, you can use your best photos.
  • Use a business name that is easy for your audience to find.
  • Turn your account into a business account.
  • Don’t forget to include a link to business website You or the online store in the Instagram bio.

2. Username and Display Name contain the primary keyword

Instagram is a standalone search engine. On Instagram usually the first account that appears is the account that has the target keyword in username and display name.

So, you have to specify the main keyword to use in username and display name. For example, you have a business that sells typical Jakarta culinary. When there are users who want to find Jakarta’s culinary specialties, your Instagram account will appear in the search results.

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3. Maximize Alt Text

Instagram has a feature called alt text. Alt text feature is a new feature that has several functions, namely:

  • Helps the audience to understand the information related to the uploaded photo if the photo is not visible.
  • Helps the Instagram algorithm on photos, so that the photo can appear to users who also like similar types of content.
  • So that the uploaded photos can be found easily, even using search engines outside of Instagram.

To use this feature is quite easy. On the screen before you share the photo, “advanced settings”will appear. Next, you will find the write your alt texts column. Then. You can create a description for your image. So, the images you upload can be easily found by other Instagram users.

4. Add child keywords in Bio

The next step you can do is create an Instagram bio. You can enter Instagram Bio with some derived keywords.

For example, if the main keyword of your business is “culinary Jakarta” then use the derived keywords that are most searched by Instagram users. For Example “Culinary Jakarta Soto Betawi”

5. Put keywords on hashtags

You can add keywords to the hastag used. Because, there is a possibility that Instagram users are looking for something through hashtags. So you should take advantage of the opportunity.

Hastag is an obligation that must be included in every caption you make. Because, hastag has the potential to take users to the Instagram account that you manage.

6. Use Derived Keywords In Captions

Another mandatory thing to upload content on Instagram is, include a caption on every content you post. The goal is for followers to know the intent of the content posted. To maximize the caption, You can include some derived keywords in the caption.

7. Watch Instagram Analytics

Instagram has an analytics feature called Insight. In this feature, you can see the interaction of each content you create, both uploaded through and shared through Insta Story.

Through the results presented in insights, you can evaluate each content you share. In addition, you can also get to know the behavior of your followers, what time they are active on Instagram, so you can set the right posting schedule.

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