5 Characteristics Of Good Advertising And How To Install Ads


When you want to install digital advertising, of course it is very important to know what the characteristics of good advertising are. That way, you can optimize the ads you place and adapt them to your goals.

Knowing the features of advertising will also help you in drawing up a promotion strategy.  To help you figure that out, let’s check out the article below!

Characteristics of a good advertisement

Nowadays, more and more businesses feel the need to advertise as a strategy to market products widely. In addition to being able to reach a wider audience, the cost of advertising, especially on social media, is quite affordable.

If your business is interested in advertising, it’s good to know first What are the characteristics of good and true advertising. Like the following.

1. Informative Ads

Informative here means that it contains important information that consumers need to take action after seeing your ad. Some information such as what the product is used for, its benefits, and how to get it. The information included in the ad also helps the consumer to get to know your product.

2. Must Be Communicative

The hallmark of good and true advertising is communicative. This way the ads created can get a good response from the target audience. You need to pay attention, is the ad easy to understand and in accordance with the purpose of the ad made?

3. Easy To Understand Language

The use of language is an important element that supports advertising to be accepted by the audience or not. Therefore, make sure you use easy-to-understand language and use commercial language, such as “Get Free”, “Limited Edition”, and so on.

4. Attractive Packaged Ads

When we advertise, of course we want ads to be seen by many people. One way is that advertising should be made attractive.

The characteristics of ads that are interesting are from the use of color, image, and typographic elements. Make sure the ad design is made using good colors, legible typography, and attractive supporting photos or images.

5. Persuasive

As a promotional tool, of course, advertising must be made persuasive. The point is of course to attract an audience. One of the persuasive sentences is to offer a promo, discount, advantage, or add fear in the advertising sentence.

How to advertise on social Media

Now, social media is the ideal place for you to advertise. What else costs need to be incurred is also not too expensive.

If you want to advertise on social media, the first thing you have to prepare is to have a social media account. Once you have social media, you must define the purpose for which you are advertising.

Whether you want to grow awareness or attract buyers.  If you have, you must know who the audience of your ad, ranging from region, demographics, age, gender.

Then, you also need to prepare interesting advertising materials so that they can attract attention.

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