5 Best Android Mockup Screenshot Apps

5 Free Android Mockup Generator Screenshot Apps

Here are some of the best mockup screenshot apps on Android. Device mockup beautify screenshot display. A Screenshot with a mockup device in the vicinity has a slightly greater impact than a regular screenshot.

You can find dozens of free Android mockup generator websites to create mockups on Google. Alternatively, you can use editing software to design screenshots. And, here are 5 free Android apps that you can install to create mockups on your phone.

All of these apps offer a decent library of mockup templates that cover most of the popular phones around the world, including the iPhone.

Some of these apps also allow you to adjust the position of the screenshots in the mockup and you can move the last mockup to show a partial screenshot.

I ranked this app for the best editing features with support for the latest smartphones. Here Are The 5 Best Android Mockup Screenshot Apps:

Snapmod-Better Screenshots mockup generator

5 Free Android Mockup Generator Screenshot Apps-1

Snapmod is the first Best Android mockup screenshot app I could find on the Play Store. This app has a wide variety of smartphone mockup templates categorized by OEMs.

It is also included for Apple devices along with some frameless and bottomless mockup designs.

The main screen of this app contains the app logo. Tapping it opens a list of all the devices it supports. From there, you can download the desired template.

After downloading, you can add screenshots to the template and choose a background color for the mockup. The app has a random button next to the color button.

This button cycles through the color options available on the selected device. For example, I downloaded a Google Pixel template that was black in the preview. But then with this random button, I changed the color of the device to blue.

After creating the mockup, you can save it on your phone and choose a favorite template if desired. The app does not have the option to customize screenshots or add text. [Download Snapmod].

InstaMocks-App Screenshot Mockup Generator

5 Free Android Mockup Generator Screenshot Apps-2

InstaMocks is one of the second best mockup screenshot apps for Android. The app packs mockup templates of the latest and greatest smartphones including Android, iOS and custom mockup designs without any brand influence.

When you open this app, you are prompted to select a screenshot for the mockup. Then screenshot ads to the latest device mockup and open the mockup in the editor.

From the editor, you can change the mockup device, add shadows, and customize screenshots to best suit the screen. This app lets you change the mockup device; you can hide half of the device and create an area for text or anything else.

Furthermore, you can add background colors to the mockup including material colors and gradient options. It also gives you the option to use a photo as a background.

You can also add text, choose the desired font from dozens of options, change the text size, format, and color.

One of the best things about this mockup screenshot Maker app is that you can select multiple screenshots and create multiple mockups in a single instance. [Download InstaMocks].

Screener-Better Screenshots

5 Free Android Mockup Generator Screenshot Apps-3

Screener is another free app to generate mockup screenshots on Android. Unlike other apps, this app only packs mockup templates from popular Android devices along with some smartwatch templates.

It has three different templates for many devices. These variants are:

Flat: Mockup of a regular device with a flat area.
3D: Angled 3D rendering on the device.
Minimal: Cover the device stillhouse.

The app opens with a library of flat templates where you can browse the list and select a device. From the hamburger menu, you can switch to the 3D or Minimal library.

When you select a template, it opens in the editor where you can add screenshots to the design. You can also add glare on the screen along with device shadows. In addition, you can add a background image with blur or use a solid color.

Once the mockup is ready, you can save it on your device or share it with others. [Download Screener].

AppWrap: App Screenshot Mockup Generator

5 Free Android Mockup Generator Screenshot Apps-4

AppWrap is a free mockup screenshot generator app for Android. The app has a library of templates listed on the main screen. You can use one of those templates or head straight to the mockup section to create your own.

The mockup Editor here has a list of options at the bottom. The first option is to select a mockup device. The application has a good library of device templates that include popular smartphones.

Then, there are options to add photo effects, change the background, add text, and adjust the position of the mockup. It also has a useful zoom option to display the smallest details. [Download AppWrap].

App Store: Screenshot Design Generator

5 Free Android Mockup Generator Screenshot Apps-5

App Store is another free Android mockup screenshot generator app. This app has a unique feature to create screenshot layout.

You may have seen such a layout on the Play Store where the app displays a single screenshot mockup in two photos along with the text.

The main screen of this app gives you 4 different layouts; you can select your preferred layout here. When you select the layout, it takes you to the editor where it will show both photos.

There are five options in the editor. The first option is to switch between photos and the second option is to select a device template.The third option is to add text to the photo and with the Forth option, you can add a screenshot to the mockup.

Once everything looks okay, you can save the mockup with the fifth option. [Download App Store].

Those are 5 free apps to generate beautiful mockup screenshots on your phone. This way, you can easily create stunning screenshots for your app list, tutorials, or other purposes.

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